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CBD is more than a growing-louder buzzword. It’s an active ingredient in quantifiable success for customers and companies, like MDScienceCBD, spearheading its infusion in erotic retail.

(Note: This is lead story in the February STOREROTICA issue’s Special Focus on CBD products.)

At the 2019 summer ANME show, MDScienceCBD established itself at the forefront of the cannabidiol (CBD) movement in sexual and overall wellness. The company wasted little time in charting new waters as the company unveiled over-the-counter certified (OTC) CBD and cannabigerol (CBG) creams at the 2020 ANME Founders Show.

“Most CBD companies have the tinctures and the gummies and all of that great stuff, but we are adding sexual enhancement to our line,” says Meg Leung, senior vice president of MDScienceCBD. “There are a lot of companies out there with CBD creams, which are great—we are coming out with a CBG cream.”

People familiar with cannabis — in or out of the adult retail sector — have heard of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. CBG, by contrast, isn’t nearly as prevalent in the mainstream marijuana lexicon. But, if MDScienceCBD has anything to say about it, its boost to bottom lines will speak volumes to spread the word about its positive attributes.

“CBG works with pain receptors and is part of your endocannabinoid system (ECS),” says Leung. “CBG is tough to harvest because it’s less than 1% of the hemp plant, so it’s also expensive.”

But as more research is conducted into CBG —especially with promising potential so far as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent — accessibility will increase, and so will stock.

Forbes cited an estimate that the revenue of the CBD market could hit $16 billion by 2024.


To start, MDScienceCBD plans to have CBG as a topical cream, one of two patent-pending creams the company rolled out.

“We’re really excited to be launching something that can really help people,” says Leung, who has a family member that was the beneficiary of the cream’s soothing properties. “We want to help people with their sexual wellness, their overall health, and wellness, their emotional health, all those things. We’re excited to put out a line of products that will help people.”

Leung is keen to point out MDScienceCBD is out to improve not just customers’ sex lives, but their overall lives.

“We’re all about overall health,” she says. “This is about general health and wellness, whereas our sexual enhancements are really about your sexual wellness. We’re really proud that we have a really comprehensive, assorted line of products with lots of different ways for the consumer to enjoy them, whether they’re eating them, drinking them, using them topically, using them sexually, lots of great ways to experience the great effects of CBD on their health and wellness and hopefully enjoy life.”

And, from a business standpoint, overall health has a wide market range.

“(CBD) does great things for every age group, which I think is another amazing thing about this category of business,” says Leung. “It can help everybody from 19-90.”

At ANME, MDScienceCBD unveiled that its CBD cream would come in 250 milligrams (mg) in a two-ounce bottle and 750 mg in a four-ounce bottle. Its CBG cream will come 125 mg in a two-ounce bottle or 250 mg in a four-ounce bottle.

Despite the inroads MDScienceCBD has made, CBD is still a fairly new classification in retail.

“Part of the difficulty is there are good manufacturing companies out there that follow all the rules and work really hard, and there are some inexperienced companies,” says Leung. “Consumers need to be careful what they’re taking and research the companies they’re looking at. The most important thing for retailers is going to be working to train their associates and really being able to understand a customer’s needs, figure out what would work best for them and helping them with that. Also, being able to speak to them about what the benefits of CBD can be.

“But being able to read and help that customer is what this is all about,” continues Leung. “Even when you think about sexual pleasure items, it’s the same thing — that sales associate is trying to help someone with a need, whether it’s sexual or not, this is the same thing.”

(CBD) does great things for every age group, which I think is another amazing thing about this category of business. It can help everybody from 19-90. — Meg Leung

CBD helps to open receptors in the body, which helps explain why ongoing research will continue to unfurl its benefits. A 2019 article from Forbes cited an estimate that the revenue of the CBD market could hit $16 billion by 2024.

It’s no surprise, then, that MDScienceCBD is tapping into that revenue stream, especially given its existing success with products before the introduction of CBD. “If you think about the enhancements of the lubricant, those are already manufactured to enhance your experience,” says Leung.

CBD can relieve stress or enhance pleasure, making it a no-brainer for this market share.

CBD can relieve stress or enhance pleasure and comes in creams, gummies, tinctures, and more.

“Being able to use our female-enhancement cream heightens the woman’s libido, if she needs to, helps with moisture, if she needs it,” says Leung. “And the CBD helps with her health and wellness. If you’re a millennial, you can still use it to enhance your pleasure. That’s what it’s there for.

“So when you’re combining the ingredients that we already know work really well and you’re adding the ability to enhance and increase the overall feeling of it—that’s a win,” adds Leung. “Our silicone lubricant is one of the best in the entire world. Everybody can enjoy that. A female enhancement can go to any age group or person and the same with male enhancement—libido and things like that change with age also. It works well for everybody — partners, solo — there are lots of opportunities.”

For more information, please call 954-426-2799 or visit MDScienceCBD.com.

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