The Magic Wand that has been loved by consumers and has offered 50 Years of Magic is now shipping to all our retail partners and distribution channels with updated packaging.  The introduction of the new packaging for the Magic Wand has added a spark not only to on-shelf presentation with a fresh and cohesive vibrancy but also to the sales of the Magic Wand. 

“With the introduction of the Magic Wand Plus, we had the opportunity to bring refreshed artwork to all three units now available to consumers,  while still defining the Magic Wand’s legacy in the industry,” says Shay Martin, Vice President of Vibratex.  “We had the opportunity to highlight the new packaging at ANME in January. We received overwhelming praise from our partners and we are extremely excited to see the full line displayed proudly and cohesively on their retail shelves” continues Martin. 

The Magic Wand Plus is available for consumers, giving them a third option to the legendary line up of the corded Magic Wand Original and Magic WandRechargeable. 

The Magic Wand Plus offers the legendary powerful penetrating vibrations, that boasts several exciting features; new simplistic push-button controls, variable speed control with four power intensities, silicone head, 100-240v compatible power adapter and removable power cord. 

The Magic Wand Plus is available from Vibratex, sole importer of the Magic Wand brand.  Orders can be submitted and will be processed immediately. For more information on the Magic Wand Plus, download the informational one sheet here.

One sheets for the full Magic Wand line are available below: 

Magic Wand Original – Informational One Sheet

Magic Wand Plus – Informational One Sheet

Magic Wand Rechargeable – Informational One Sheet