MysteryVibe unveils its rebranded aesthetics, along with a recommitment to establishing sexuality as essential to healthy human experiences.

Since 2016, MysteryVibe has become a tour de force in the sexual wellness industry through creating high-quality, technologically advanced products that allow users to personalize their pleasure. MysteryVibe’s debut vibrator, Crescendo, is the world’s first body-adapting smart vibrator that made waves for its customizable features. Their latest innovation, Tenuto, is a distinctive offering in the men’s sex tech market – a smart wearable vibrator that encourages exploration beyond orgasm and helping each user to expand their knowledge of pleasure points.

Since 2018, MysteryVibe has achieved 100% YOY growth and boasts over hundreds of thousands of consumers of its cutting-edge products. As the sexual wellness industry continues to boom – with the global sexual wellness market slated to reach $37.19 billion by 2022 – MysteryVibe has dedicated the next chapter of the brand to not only creating category-defining pleasure products, but also emphasizing that sexual health and pleasure are critical to our overall health and well-being.

The new MysteryVibe logo is synonymous with human touch – a fingerprint that allows people to connect with themselves and with each other. MysteryVibe is also integrating a heat mapping color palette for each product, emulating each individual’s dynamic pleasure experiences and welcoming a range of customers from all comfort and experience levels. As we learn to bring empathy and connection back into sex, these symbols represent MysteryVibe’s commitment to improve intimacy between partners and ourselves in order to elevate our unique sexual experiences.

“There is no doubt that sexual wellness has become more mainstream since MysteryVibe’s early days,” says Soumyadip Rakshit, MysteryVibe founder and CEO. “We believe that the next frontier is about making the connection between pleasure and health. We’re giving our customers the tools to address all aspects of their sexual health and validating its essential role in all of our lives.”

The new site can be viewed at Crescendo and Tenuto are both available for $149.99 each. For interview requests, press assets, please contact Gabrielle Pedriani ( or Gwen Rosen (