Award-winning pleasure products manufacturer, Nu Sensuelle, welcomes Lauren Schwartz into their Communications Coordinator position. On July 21, Schwartz will bring two years of agency and management experience to Nu Sensuelle.

A recent graduate of Indiana University Bloomington, the new coordinator pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Advertising with a double specialization in Creative Advertising and Media Psychology—while additionally securing a minor in Marketing through the Kelley School of Business.

Schwartz participated in the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition, in which she executed a fully integrated marketing campaign for a corporate client, Tinder. Acting as both Copywriting DRI and Creative Director, as well as being selected to participate as a competition presenter, Schwartz played an instrumental role in earning her team the ranking of second place district-wide. Her involvement in the elite student-run advertising agency, Agency 7, also allowed her to gain experience assisting real clients and subsequently strengthen her understanding of marketing.

During her final term of undergraduate study, Schwartz was enrolled in a “Sex in the Media” course, in which Patrick Lyons — Nu Sensuelle’s Chief Strategy Officer and guest lecturer of six consecutive years — attended.

“I was first acquainted with Patrick when he guest-lectured in one of my advertising courses. We were actually prompted to develop a marketing campaign for Nu Sensuelle’s latest product, the Cache, and were told that Patrick would be assessing our final projects,” declares Schwartz. “Needless to say my team’s campaign was a considerable success and laid the groundwork for future collaborations between myself and the company.”

Schwartz acted as team manager, overseeing the conceptualization of all campaign deliverables—which were designed to normalize and embrace self-pleasure. The campaign invited consumers to reimagine the connotations associated with the adult industry by drawing connections between masturbation and pop culture. Schwartz anticipates bringing this approach with her as she embarks on her journey with Nu Sensuelle, focusing her efforts on the company’s social media and marketing strategies.

“There’s a notable generational gap between both Millenials/Gen Z and earlier generations: one tends to be more educated about sexual wellness and welcomes masturbation with open arms, while the other has the financial means to purchase pleasure products but is hesitant to because, to them, masturbation is still seen as taboo,” explains Schwartz. “Taking that into consideration, I’ve made it my mission to bridge the generational gap, while mainly focusing my efforts on targeting younger generations.” While interning with Israeli Fitness-Tech startup, Hyfit, Schwartz gained experience with both social media management and content creation. Schwartz assessed social media insights and demographics to accurately measure campaign goals—in an effort to attract new consumers, retain existing customers and build brand awareness. Schwartz’s expertise with social media marketing will allow her to maximize Nu Sensuelle’s Millennial and Gen Z consumer-base.

Nu Sensuelle is committed to infusing a spirit of adventure, empowerment and connection into all aspects of being including, but not limited to, sexual exploration. A millennial with a thirst for adventure, Schwartz brings a fresh perspective to the industry and will no doubt contribute to the ongoing success of the company.