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In light of the debates and headlines focusing on the gulf between pro-choice and pro-life opponents, PinkCherry has made a statement supporting a person’s rights to their body. On June 7th, the leading online retailer of adult novelty products has launched its “Your Body. Your Rules.” campaign with a billboard located in Toronto along one of the busiest highways, the Queen Elizabeth Way near Hwy 427, print ads on the front covers of PostMedia Newspapers, digital banners, and social media posts.

PinkCherry explains the meaning of “Your Body. Your Rules.” message in a respective article published in the company’s blog. The key takeaways are as follows:

  • “It is your body and you are in charge of it. Your body deserves respect. Your body deserves pleasure. Your body should be kept safe from harm.
  • Sex positivity. However you practice the many types of sex, we believe you have the right to enjoy it.
  • We believe in destigmatizing sexuality; as long as you are safe, consensual and non-harming to others, then have fun exploring what feels good for you.
  • We believe in consensual sex. Forcing or attempting to force another person to do something they don’t want to do sexually can happen in ways that are physical, verbal, and even psychological. We believe consent is defined by a resounding “Yes!” from both (or all) involved.
  • We believe in safe, accurate, and accessible sex education.
  • We believe that you make the rules when it comes to your body and sexuality.”

Due to the nature of the message, PinkCherry’s campaign has been both criticized and praised, and has attracted the attention of the media and the public. PinkCherry’s spokesperson clarified that the company’s objective was not add to an “us versus them” narrative, but, instead, focus on common human values. “As human beings, we share a lot more similarities than we do differences,” says Daniel Freedman, PinkCherry CEO. “We just need a safe space for conversation and a strong message to remind us sometimes.”

About PinkCherry:

PinkCherry (www.PinkCherry.com) and its wholesale division (https://www.PinkCherryWholesale.com) is the leading online retailer of adult novelty products for sexual health and wellness, including sex toys and lingerie. Carrying 7,000+ products, PinkCherry operates the total of 110,000 sq ft warehouse space in USA and Canada. The company provides the best selection of adult products and lingerie along with competitive pricing, real-time inventory, fast shipping, and superior customer service.

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