A decade ago, Pipedream acquired Jimmyjane, a brand which had established itself as a leading line of luxe toys with distinct designs. Though it took a hiatus, Jimmyjane is back with fresh designs and upgraded materials, as Pipedream once again boasts a luxury line in its impressive catalog of pleasure products.

(Note: This story appears in the October 2023 issue of SE Magazine


ollowing the celebration of its 50th anniversary, Pipedream has announced that its superior toy line, Jimmyjane, will be back for distribution. As if that weren’t enough to excite its loyal subjects, Jimmyjane’s re-distribution will involve a reinvention: the improved adult novelty brand will include updated technology and a contemporary consciousness for material, design and production.

Chief Design Officer for Pipedream, Kristian Broms, confirms that the powerhouse of toy production has been busy re-creating and improving their luxury line, and is excited to announce the release at last. The relaunch of Jimmyjane to distribution is a modern take on the opulent series, which retailers can stock immediately for the first time in years.

“For all intents and purposes, the new Jimmyjane is an entirely fresh line of products, but with a brand retailers recognize,” shares Broms with enthusiasm.

Jimmyjane: The legacy

Veterans of the industry remember Jimmyjane, already 20 years old next year, as a higher-end luxury brand which helped to usher in a distinct style to the market in its time.

“Founded in 2004, the brand really reinvented what sex toys could be, and who they could be for,” Broms recalls. “Jimmyjane took those initial steps in making sex toys more mainstream with its focus on sexual wellness, technology and material quality. Especially in bringing in better materials to the sector, Jimmyjane was a pioneer. Much of what we see as standard in the industry today has followed as a result of its vision.”

“You feel it when you hold a Jimmyjane device in your hand, before you even turn it on. From the updated materials to the thoughtful technology, it just screams ‘premium.’”


– Kristian Broms 

In keeping with the legacy, Jimmyjane will maintain its brand identity, but with a fresh look, incorporating the increased technology in sexual wellness which has evolved in recent years, as well as the updated standards for Pipedream’s product supply.

“We’re staying completely true to its inherited ethos,” Broms assures. “The founders of Jimmyjane had really great ideas for their time in terms of materials and design-forward function. What we’ll bring to the table this time around is firstly an increase in the products’ functionality, making them more ergonomic, as we really understand the anatomy of people — their pressure points and pleasure points — better than we ever have. We’ve also worked dutifully to ensure that the motors in every device are top tier in the industry. All remote-controls are rechargeable, and made with silicone, aluminum and stainless steel components instead of plastics. Customers will be pleasantly surprised when they see how well these items move forward.”

Jimmyjane & Pipedream: The courtship

It was about a decade ago when the established Pipedream took notice of Jimmyjane and acquired the company as its high-end toy line. Broms, who has worked with Pipedream for nearly 20 years now, recalls how Jimmyjane came to be, and why it fit so well alongside the other Pipedream brands.

“The founders of Jimmyjane saw an opportunity for development, and they seized it,” he explains. “It was the early 2000s, and makers of adult toys were still putting little thought into their materials when compared to today, especially concerning durability and safety both for ourselves and for our environment. And keep in mind, some of the materials we’ve standardized now hadn’t developed far enough yet for the market then.”

With its sleek luxe look and sophisticated San Francisco product development, Jimmyjane products represented quality and high-tech in the adult industry.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of competition to push development any further, and so the designers of Jimmyjane sought space where they felt they could be like the apple of the sexual wellness sector,” Broms continues.

“For all intents and purposes, the new Jimmyjane is an entirely fresh line of products, but with a brand retailers recognize.”


– Kristian Broms 

It was the vision of a different team in a different era, he explains, but the legacy of the brand remains important to the modern day, not just for Pipedream, but for the industry at large.

“For us, Jimmyjane fills a sector that we’re not necessarily aiming at outside of the brand — an outlet for higher-end design,” says Broms. “The line also fits into a nice space, because it’s something that we — and probably everyone else in the industry — aspire to be. And in this case, our brand is the kind of inventor of that sector. If just for the history, it’s important that the legacy lives on through the continuance of this brand.”

The chronicle of Jimmyjane is a useful one to know; but of course, Jimmyjane’s 2023 relaunch will be much more than just a history lesson.

Jimmyjane’s crown jewels

Retailers delight: Broms confirms that Pipedream has every intention of bringing back to distribution legacy items like the Form 2, which he says has been one of the best-selling vibrators in the industry for the last 10-15 years. 

“The updated version that we’re releasing now is called the Form 2 Pro,” he shares. “Retailers can also anticipate the bringing back of old classics like Chroma, a sleek aluminum vibrator. Both have been re-imagined, keeping the aesthetics of the original designs, but improving the charge technology, the battery capacity and the power.”

Additionally, dusting off Jimmyjane will uncover an entirely new assortment of items, a wider selection than the brand has ever offered before. Some of the highly-anticipated inventory includes recent designs already available at Jimmyjane’s website, but which have never been available for retailer’s distribution. Others are completely unknown to the market at this time, and Broms is keeping their secret until the launch.

“Let’s just say that we’re bringing back another classic Jimmyjane item that was called ‘Hello Touch,’ but has been completely re-imagined,” he hints. “This new version improves every aspect of the original. It would be more or less unrecognizable if you compared the two.”

In addition to rethought designs for better quality and function, the Jimmyjane relaunch will also be incorporating a value increasingly relevant to the California-based Pipedream today: sustainability.

“Everything in the relaunch is rechargeable and uses universally-compatible charging cords,” shares Broms. “The packaging has been or is in the process of being re-imagined to fit into the current climate. It’s appealing to the eye, but it’s also thoughtful and eco-friendly, as much as packaging can be, in all of its components. It’s futuristic for the brand, using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified recycled paper for the retail box, recon box, the toys and other components of the interior packaging.”

Over the last few years, Pipedream has intentionally advanced its commitment to sustainable products, production and packaging. 

“Because Jimmyjane is our top-tier line, we intend for it to be a notch above what Pipedream is already doing now in everything it does,” Broms asserts. “The Jimmyjane brand will help lead the way in what we can improve on.”

The future is bright — and luxurious 

The Jimmyjane brand of Pipedream is set to re-launch to distribution mid-October. To accompany the new line, retailers can anticipate a program which will be released with store testers, along with other retail support.

Broms shares that lovers of luxe and retailers everywhere are greatly anticipating the take-off. The return of Jimmyjane reminds retailers why the 50-year-old Pipedream continues to be know for its quality, accessible adult toys and accessories, and once again, its luxe brand, Jimmyjane.

“It’s very apparent to anyone that has any knowledge of the items in this category how high the quality is,” he continues. “You feel it when you hold a Jimmyjane device in your hand, before you even turn it on. From the updated materials to the thoughtful technology, it just screams ‘premium.’”

For more information, visit PipedreamProducts.com.