Small changes can have a major impact. This has been a successful year for pjur. Alexander Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur is thinking of the successful “pjur gives you more” campaign, the many brand spaces, that made the brands more visible across Australia, Europe and the United States, and the countless trainings to improve counseling at POS. Now, however, is the perfect time to focus on our less visible activities. Stepping up to our social responsibility has always been a priority for our family-run business. This is why pjur supports projects committed to improving social and environmental issues. 

Healthy mothers project to improve healthcare in Laos 

The pjur group has been donating money to an aid project in Laos since 2012. Mortality rates for mothers and newborns are high in Laos. The aid organization CARE is dedicated to tacking this situation. The “Healthy Mothers” project improves healthcare, supports the training of midwives, and helps mothers take control of their and their children’s health and family planning. In the south of the country, the project is rapidly reducing malnutrition in children, empowering mothers and girls, reducing their workload and enabling them to secure their own income. 

Thinking of the environment: Green Dot environmental certificate and CO2-neutral printing 

The pjur group has been awarded the Green Dot environmental certificate for 2018. By participating in the dual system for recycling packaging materials for consumer goods, the company has saved 4,143 kg of CO2 equivalent. Recycling is a key factor for reducing greenhouse gases and plays a crucial role in climate protection. 

pjur also makes CO2 offset payments for all printing projects including flyers, POS documents and training materials. This money is used to support initiatives such as reforestation projects in Peru. 

Product donations to NGOs in Germany 

Throughout the year, pjur donates goods from overproduction to healthcare centers, information centers, AIDS counseling centers and voluntary associations that provide free advice. These organizations welcome the high-quality personal lubricants from pjur, which are then rapidly and unbureaucratically distributed. 

“We are proud that our activities help to make the world a little better. We wish all our partners and customers a festive holiday season with their loved ones and a Happy New Year”, says Giebel, CEO and founder of pjur. 

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