Mother-daughter adult toy company Like a Kitten celebrates a woman’s sexuality, with pleasure at the forefront.

(Note: This story appears in the February 2024 issue of SE Magazine


ike a Kitten was formed in 2018 as a subscription box company by mother, Natalie (CEO), and daughter, Shae Annis (Creative Director). The toy brand began by two women of two different generations with the ambition to help erase the stigmas around masturbation and sexual pleasure for a new generation of female toy users.

“My daughter, Shae, and I are passionate about empowering women on all levels, with a particular focus on sexuality,” shares Natalie Annis, CEO of Like a Kitten. “If we can empower women to advocate for their wants and needs in the bedroom, we believe that empowered sensibility will spill over to all aspects of a woman’s life. We are so passionate about it that we donate a portion of all sales to non-profit organizations focused on health care and education for women and girls.”

In celebration of her daughter’s role as Creative Director in the family-founded toy company, Annis shares that their girlish branding and empowering product selection is what the brand is best known for. Every aspect of Like a Kitten embodies their message to invite women users into their own pleasure explorations.

“We have a very different look from most toy brands on the market,” says Annis. “Our packaging is fun, light-hearted and whimsical, as are the vibes themselves.”

To assist in marketing, all of the Like a Kitten toys carry a hand-crafted story with them.

 “We always start with a toy and assign a model to it,” says Annis. “We then create a visual story around the toy and the model. We turn the model into an illustration. Both the real and illustrated images are carried through our packaging, marketing and social media presence.”

According to Annis, among all their toys and boxes, “Natalie’s Toy Box,” which was introduced at Altitude in 2023, is their most successful toy line. Annis Sr., for whom the line is named for, attributes the success of Natalie’s Toy Box to the unique toys in the line, both in style and content.

“In Natalie’s Toy Box, we have food items like a cupcake and a banana, animals like a squirrel and a whale, even Anime inspired toys like the Kawaii Kiss and the Lick-N-Stick,” says Annis. “The non-phallic nature of the line particularly resonates with a younger demographic and beginners of all ages. The cute packaging and pastel colors are also very on-trend.”

This year at Altitude, Like a Kitten will be bringing back the Natalie’s Toy Box line with more items available, as well as planograms, point of sale materials and several established distribution channels.

Like a Kitten has every intention to expand in the future with more toy lines and boxes, each carrying its own original story. In fact, Annis shares that the mother-daughter brand is already working on their next toy line.

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