The Oriel Couples pleasure wand and the A Spot Rabbit Regala have been hugely successful so much so that Rocks Off have launched further options.

“Both products have been super popular and received amazing reviews, when we launched them at the end of 2019,” says Rocks Off Sales Director Sham Galoria. “So, with that in mind we have added some additional color ways to compliment the original and elegant black product lines. Oriel will now be available in a vibrant raspberry tone and Regala in a sensual royal purple.

“Ellipse is brand new and is the perfect addition to our range, those who love our bullets will also just adore the color and elegance this product delivers,” he continues.

“Additionally, and to complement our ranges, we have Revive and Excite our new lube and toy wash which is available now!”

Sensual Harmony

Ellipse’s elegant lines and sensory finish will embrace your body’s intimate contours whilst the tapered precision points take you to orgasm.

The beautiful rose blush color tone and elegant design has been carefully chosen to pleasure your senses with 10 function choices.

Intensify the Feeling

Empower is the ultimate couples’ stimulator that has been perfectly designed to take you and your partner to the next level.

The powerful rechargeable motor ensures deep vibrations are felt so you can both lose yourself and give in to every moment, touch, and erotic position.

Feel your senses ignite when you join in a frenzy of passion. Bump, grind, and tease yourself with the deep vibrations as Empower stimulates and contours to each sensual pleasure zone, driving you and you lover to multiple orgasm.

Let go and give into the Divine G

Giamo is the pleasure product of choice for those who seek satisfaction, intense power, and total stimulation.

The superbly designed product has been expertly crafted to deliver the ultimate combination of internal satisfaction and G spot orgasm.

Beautifully flowing curves combine with the correctly tilted shaft to ensure you will experience deep intense pleasure throughout your body.

The powerful rechargeable motor has been positioned in the head of the product to give, deep, strong vibrations targeted directly to your G spot, sending you into complete, full body orgasmic surrender.

Something to make your Heart Flutter

The rechargeable dual motored deliciously feminine, Flutter Rabbit from Rocks Off has been perfectly designed to deliver intense pleasure directly to both internal and external passion zones.

The unintimidating length, and accurately positioned powerful dual independent motors and 10 function pleasure vibrations will skillfully ease you into a deep and fully blended orgasm.

Velvet soft silicone ear’s driven by the independent motor will flicker and ease the c spot, whilst the sensually powerful shaft curves to the body to ensure indulgent pleasure.

Slender Beauty

Prism is a sleek and slender beauty designed for girls who want a pleasure bullet with a just a little extra and elegant length. Big sister to the RO 80 7 function Rainbow from the pretty’s range, Prism is sleek, slim, pretty, and luxurious all in one vibe!

With 10 intense vibrations at the tip of your fingers Prism will tease you into a colorful haze of orgasmic delight.

Oriel, Regala and Ellipse will be available to order from December and Flutter Rabbit, Giamo, Empower and Prism in January 2021.

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