Voodoo Toys is proud to announce their partnership with India’s highest selling online sex store, Besharam (IMbesharam.com). Focused on bringing sexual wellness to Indian’s worldwide, Besharam is an award winning brand known for their innovative online presence and carefully curated selection.

“We’re so thrilled that Voodoo will now be available to Indian consumers. We love seeing the country taking steps toward sexual wellness and the liberation of female pleasure, and a progressive brand like Voodoo is an ideal fit for this partnership.” says Voodoo Brand Ambassador Danielle Seerley.

“Voodoo Toys have trendy packaging and branding, backed up with strong marketing support of the brand. They have an attractive range of premium looking products which look premium and are surprisingly very affordable which was a key decision in introducing this line in India. So far we have already sold out our first shipment in 2 weeks. Danielle is a great brand ambassador who has been instrumental in bringing the brand to India. We are excited for the future of our partnership and look forward to delivering more happiness to our Indian audience.” says Raj Armani, COO of Besharam.

The predominantly female team at Voodoo and company CEO Kevin Mirarchi continually look for ways to support women to take ownership of their sexual health and close the “pleasure gap” between men and women. The partnership between Voodoo and Besharam furthers both companies’ commitment to empowering women.

Voodoo’s range of vibrators and pleasure toys are now available at www.imbesharam.com here: https://in.imbesharam.com/collections/voodoo-vibrators.