(Note: This story appears in the February 2022 issue of SE Magazine)

The brand new technology behind Remotyca technology — an impressive advancement in audio erotica — further elevates the Satisfyer Connect app’s ability to enhance users’ intimate experiences. Now, audio erotica with Remotyca surprises and delights with unique sensations, freeing your mind to go deeper into your pleasure.

One of the greatest ironies in history is Beethoven composing some of his most well-known work while deaf. For example, he was never able to acoustically appreciate one of his most legendary compositions, his Ninth Symphony (“Ode to Joy”), even if countless people since have.

But even Beethoven would be downright incredulous if he knew what the people at Satisfyer have devised with Remotyca: audio-erotic stories that sync with the company’s Satisfyer Connect app.

“With Satisfyer Connect’s newest innovation, Remotyca, users can pair their Satisfyer product with the app to feel the stories come to life,” says Stephanie Trachtenberg, Satisfyer’s Director of Marketing & PR. “Tens of thousands of users worldwide have enjoyed this new multi-sensory experience. Satisfyer Connect offers endless options for exploring sexual potential. Users — single or couples — can discover their personal pleasure preferences in real-time and adapt their pleasure with precision and control. This type of personalization option can be a huge confidence builder in learning about one’s sexuality.”

In partnership with Berlinable — a multimedia and electronic book publisher based in Berlin — Satisfyer called on its users to share “remote app short stories,” creating a library of stories that Satisfyer Connect brings to life through direct vibration and air pulse feedback. The library features 100 different authors from 18 different countries that have submitted stories to create Remotyca. Within the first two weeks of its release, Remotyca was the second most popular feature behind Program Play.

Sensory overload
It should come as no surprise Satisfyer is developing products and software to heighten the other senses when it comes to sexual intimacy. After all, as the company behind Air Pulse Technology, Satisfyer has always been a pioneer at the crossroads of adult retail and technological advancement.

“Sensory sex engages all five senses — touch, sound, taste, sight and smell — resulting in an enriched pleasure experience,” Director of Education, Megwyn White adds. “Sensory Sex is a powerful way to help root someone back into their body. Many people are disconnected and locked in their head and fall into the trap of ‘spectatoring,’ which is the enemy of pleasure. When you layer on the senses it helps bring your erotic intelligence back on line with your mind engaged in a moment to moment journey of pleasure.”

“Focusing on different senses helps someone to connect at a physical and at an emotional level, which cannot only help invite more meaning to the experience but also enhances the many benefits associated with pleasure. These benefits include improved radiance, reduced stress levels, deeper intimacy and a more dynamic relationship to the body as a whole,” White adds.

This philosophical approach underscores Satisfyer’s view of the existing nature of sexual wellness. The company believes the future of sexual wellness is about individuals incorporating pleasure into their daily routines as a holistic approach to self- care, just as they would a moisturizer or workout.

“Similar to beauty, diet and fitness, sexual pleasure is a critical piece of overall health and wellness, impacting one’s physical, mental and social well-being,” says Trachtenberg. “This is why Satisfyer coined the term ‘The Satisfyer Effect,’ as it encompasses the full benefits of sexual wellness — health, satisfaction and empowerment — and where we see the industry moving towards.”

“Sensory Sex is a powerful way to help root someone back into their body. Many people are disconnected and locked in their head and fall into the trap of ‘spectatoring,’ which is the enemy of pleasure. When you layer on the senses it helps bring your erotic intelligence back on line with your mind engaged in a moment to moment journey of pleasure.” — Satisfyer Director of Education, Megwyn White

The Remotyca Stories app feature is the latest concrete example of this industrial shift, where the company sees audio erotica rising in popularity because it allows fantasies to be experienced internally since it’s not dependent on the visual stimulation that can override imagination.

“Satisfyer offers everyone the opportunity to reach maximum sexual pleasure,” says Trachtenberg. “The novelty of sensory sex creates an exciting framework for people to enjoy pleasure by exploring the limitless options of sensory context. With Remotyca, users can relax back and allow Satisfyer to deliver the sensations so they can reflect and be present with the audio story.”

Here, White breaks down the five senses and the roles they can play in spicing up sexy time, including with Satisfyer Connect.

There is a strong connection between the brain and skin, as we have specific touch receptors in our skin that respond to different temperatures, textures and vibrations. By introducing different types of touch you can help to expand pleasure pathways and unlock the plasticity within the skin- brain connection while also enhancing trust and intimacy.

Experimenting with temperature play using heat tech and cold touch is a great way to challenge your body’s ability to stay present while boosting arousal directly through the bodies’ temperature response. For instance, cool temperatures help to activate the nerves to fire quickly, while warm temperatures slow us down and help in soothing tensions and aiding relaxation.

Through Satisfyer Connect, individuals can create and share touch inputs directly in the app. Incorporating a pleasure device with a metallic rim, such as Satisfyer’s Double Love is a great tool to experiment temperature play with.

Sounds can play a huge role in the overall pleasure experience — whether solo or with a partner. Satisfyer Connect’s ambient sound and music vibes features assist in heightening the pleasure experience. Users can speak through the app, and the tone and volume will impact the vibration.

Music can help infuse the experience, driving a stronger emotional connection and intuitive flow. People rank music consistently as one of the top 10 things that bring pleasure above money, food, and art. One of the primary reasons is that music ignites the same parts of the brain as food, drugs, and sexual pleasure. When you pair your favorite sensual playlist with sex, it helps your mind and body surrender into the subtle nuances of pleasure fused with rhythm, tone, and emotion that only music can evoke.

The sounds of a partner’s whisper or voice can also drive an increased sensation during pleasure. This innate feedback loop can help to boost confidence, reassurance and strengthen the connection between two.

Visuals during sex can be incredibly sensual. It’s important to consider the mood and atmosphere of the room along with letting your body express itself in ways your lover can see to help send them over the edge.

The eyes also offer proof of arousal with the dilation of the pupils at the height of orgasm. Studies also show that gazing is a huge key to encouraging trust for couples through what’s called “pupil mimicry.”

Our sense of smell is tied to the limbic system, the part of the brain which governs our sexual impulses, emotions and long term memory. It’s also our most evolved sense of all, with our pheremones sending subliminal messages through our sweat. In fact, both women and men rate the smell of a potential lover as a key ingredient to unconscious desire.

In fact, according to a study on sexual motivation, decreased sense of smell was linked to decrease motivation for sex, as well as another study which also linked sense
of smell directly to satisfaction. So the next time you’re with your lover, explore ways to accentuate your natural aroma through a complimentary perfume, or an essential oil blend to unlock this ancient part of the brain to motivate sensual connection.

Energize your taste buds and learn to enjoy the natural flavors of the body while introducing new ones. Savor the skin in its salty goodness and learn to enjoy your partners most intimate zones as a source of sensual nourishment. Incorporate surprises like flavored lubricant, a bite of chocolate, or a sip of wine. Taste can help to satiate your imagination and invite a wilder side into the mix of your love-making.

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