(Note: This story appears in the October 2022 issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

After nearly 30 years in the adult retail industry, pjur is revamping its look with new colors and visuals including their “Lights on” and “Lights off” color palettes.

Among some of the most successful rebrands in history, you can count the likes of company giants like Apple, McDonald’s and Burberry. Now, pjur is making the case that you can add their brand to that list.

“This has been in the works for the better part of two years,” says Stephanie Ingram, Marketing Manager Americas for WOW Tech Group (which now houses the pjur brand). According to Ingram, the company conducted exhaustive consume research and enlisted the aid of an agency in its rebranding efforts to “completely update, refresh and refocus the premium brand,” she notes.

pjur has adopted two new color strategies to embody the customer experience when using pjur products.

“The ‘Lights on’ color palette demonstrates inclusivity; no one needs to hide their sexual needs and preferences,” says Ingram. “We visualize body positivity, authenticity and natural sexuality within the brightness of the ‘Lights on’ concept.

“Within the ‘Lights off’ color palette, we seek to inspire the magic that pjur sparks and highlight the mysterious, intimate side of pjur,” Ingram adds. “The ‘Lights off’ strategy also ensures pjur is still associated with dark colors per the brand’s heritage.”

“pjur has a history. pjur is an original. pjur has been a pioneer for more than 25 years, with a promise: quality, ambition, reliability and curiosity are at the core of our brand. We show what makes pjur iconic, with an iconic identity.” — Stephanie Ingram

The new pjur color palette combines radiant colors with limitless color gradients. This includes soft white, intimate black and pjur yellow for unmistakable branding. The pjur color gradient runs through six different colors that cover all types of love, cultures and emotions. They are all at the same saturation level to forge a sense of belonging to each other.

The new fluid shapes visualize the curiosity and enthusiasm for the magic sparked by pjur personal lubricant. The color gradients themselves stand for diversity and openness. The shapes can all be adapted from a circle, like a soap bubble. In terms of its iconography, the soap bubble stands for fascination, lightness and unlimited dreams.

Pjur is unveiling its new look at eroFame, which takes place Oct. 5-7, taking advantage of the show’s global stage and getting to show off the new aesthetics to a majority of the company’s partners in one place.

Rebranding can be a delicate juggling act since customers come to know and recognize a particular image or color scheme and come to associate it with the brand. But pjur’s new identity is hardly a departure from its core values.

“From the very beginning, pjur was created with the vision of improving the love life and quality of life of people all over the world,” says Ingram. “pjur wants to help people rediscover their passion and enable them to enjoy sex and improve sexual wellbeing.

“pjur has a history,” she adds. “pjur is an original. pjur has been a pioneer for more than 25 years, with a promise: quality, ambition, reliability and curiosity are at the core of our brand. We show what makes pjur iconic with an iconic identity. We stayed true to the yellow dot, because we know from consumer research that this is the key identifier for our customers.”

pjur’s new color and image worlds will also be reflected in new products and of course, in future promotions and projects from pjur.

Because of the scope of the change, it will take time for the rebrand to roll out across all pjur products. Retailers can expect to see new branding show up in new merchandising in the new year.

“Updates will come as our product packaging rolls out,” says Ingram. “Nothing that stores currently utilize will be obsolete for quite some time. The results will be visible on the American market very soon and will shape the entire future of the brand.”

For more information, visit pjur.com.