Celebrating a decade of dedication to women’s pleasure, Womanizer remembers its initiatives for women’s pleasure over the years, as well as announces its most recent improvements on the beloved patented Pleasure Air Technology.

(Note: This story appears in the April 2024 issue of SE Magazine

The story of Womanizer began in a southern Bavarian village in the Allgau. A study about female orgasms caught the attention of Michael Lenke, Founder, as it introduced to him the disappointing fact that most women have trouble achieving orgasms — if they ever experience an orgasm at all! Aghast, Lenke and his wife dedicated their skills in vision and innovation to closing the “orgasm gap.”

Through their research, the Lenkes determined clitoral stimulation to be necessary for most female orgasms, and the couple set out to design a clitoral pleasure product unlike anything else on the market, something which wouldn’t overstimulate or numb the clitoris, as some vibrating toys can do, spoiling the penultimate moment. 

After many trials and iterations, in 2014, Mr. and Mrs. Lenke debuted their first Womanizer (W100) prototype with Pleasure Air Technology. The patented Pleasure Air Technology revolutionized the industry by balancing pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure without actually touching the sensitive clitoris. In this manner, the approximately 8,000 nerve endings of the clitoris are never over-stimulated.

According to Stephanie Ingram, B2B Marketing Manager at Lovehoney Group, it’s a common misconception that the way Womanizer Pleasure Air accomplishes its hands-free stimulation with suction. In fact, unlike suction products, Pleasure Air pushes air up and down in the chamber creating a throbbing/pulsating sensation. 

“With Pleasure Air, your clitoris is stimulated without direct contact,” Ingram explains. “Gentle air vibrations pulse and massage together at the same time to provide an unprecedented orgasmic feeling.” 

In a 2020 study, Womanizer found that 98% of users orgasmed with a Womanizer Pleasure Air product and 92% would recommend Womanizer to a friend. Countless customers have shared that their very first orgasm was due to Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air Technology. 

Closing the gaps

This year, Womanizer is celebrating a decade of pursuing women’s pleasure and breaking stigmas around female sexuality.

Continuing to honor the Womanizer brand’s original vision to help reduce the orgasm gap, over the last ten years, the boutique pleasure product company has championed diverse initiatives with a commitment to women’s needs. 

Some of Womanizer’s biggest highlights over the years in initiatives for women’s pleasure include The Pleasure Fund and the #IMasturbate campaign.

Womanizer’s steadfast commitment to funding research focused on women’s sexual health, well-being and pleasure can be seen in investments such as the Pleasure Fund, a quarter-million dollar grant for women’s sexual health studies. The first project to receive The Pleasure Fund, “Libido and breast cancer,” studies the sexual dysfunction effects for people recovering from breast cancer, in collaboration with Berlin’s Charité University Hospital & Research Institute.

“Women have been historically neglected in medicine and research,” explains Ingram. “This lack of research leads to the ‘gender health gap,’ and Womanizer intends to contribute to lessening this gap.”

“Womanizer has always believed that an essential part of a healthy life is a fulfilled sense of sexuality. However, for many women, this is not yet their reality.”


– Stephanie Ingram

Working equally to encourage open conversations around increasing women’s pleasure, in 2019, Womanizer launched the #IMasturbate campaign; and in 2020, a celebrity endorsement from British singer and author Lily Allen helped to charge the movement in eliminating stigma around female pleasure.

“Together we’ll broadcast the message to the world,” Ingram continues. “Love your body and take time to find your sexual fulfillment! #IMASTURBATE.”

In 2021, a Womanizer study revealed that men still masturbate 62% more than women, a stubborn indication, referred to as the “masturbation gap,” that women’s pleasure is not yet the norm. Not just an innovative product supplier, Womanizer is dedicated to bringing awareness to the gaps, and to closing them.

The future of Pleasure Air

After ten years of providing pleasure, Womanizer continues to advance its prized technology, with the latest examples including Smart Silence, Autopilot, Afterglow and the newest features 3D Pleasure Air and Climax Control.

“When Womanizer started, the products had minimal features and intensities,” shares Ingram. “Over the years, we have expanded our Pleasure Air intensity levels on some products to 14, ensuring there is a setting for everyone.”

Womanizer has also added features to products to elevate consumers’ experience, such as the Smart Silence feature, a highly responsive sensor which will activate the Womanizer product only upon contact with skin. 

“Until then, it will be on standby – and it returns to this mode when you put it aside, meaning that nothing, absolutely nothing, distracts you from your desire,” explains Ingram.

The Autopilot feature is for those who want the toy to do all the work.

“At the touch of a button, Autopilot guides and surprises you with random changes of intensity without having to adjust the settings manually,” shares Ingram. “With no way to predict what comes next, Autopilot only leaves the thrill of anticipation and ecstasy.”

And the newest technology in pleasure from Womanizer, Climax Control and 3D Pleasure Air come from the launch of Womanizer Next in January 2024. Womanizer Next taunts multiple orgasms, which 84% of testers reported experiencing in user testing!

“With Climax Control, you can now control the speed and intensity of your massage, as well as the depth of the airwaves,” says Ingram. “Three levels of Climax Control offer a more nuanced, fuller multiple orgasm journey.”

3D Pleasure Air is a new contactless clitoral air massage similar to its predecessor, plus more depth control, intensifying the orgasmic journey.

“In comparison to our original Pleasure Air Technology, 3D Pleasure Air offers a softer sensation of rolling waves,” shares Ingram. 

The cutting-edge innovation of 3D Pleasure Air features a new linear motor, providing a heightened, enriched sensation. The advanced technology reaches lower pressures than any Womanizer product before, delivering a deeper pleasure experience. 

Consumers have described the lower settings of 3D Pleasure Air as a sensation so light, it’s almost as if the Pleasure Air waves were hovering above the clitoris instead of hitting it directly. For users with a highly sensitive clitoris, the stimulation isn’t overpowering in the moment, but reportedly builds into an incredibly intense orgasm. And yet, on its higher settings, users have said that Womanizer Next is for “power junkies.”

“For those who may have found Pleasure Air too strong, 3D Pleasure Air is designed to offer a broader array of pleasure levels,” Ingram continues. “This is for people who are looking for a softer sensation than the original — but also for those who love power!”

Womanizer is for all women

Up next from Womanizer will be the Blend launch, the newest Pleasure Air rabbit vibrator, launching at the end of May. 

“This is the perfect product for users new to trying Pleasure Air rabbits and looking to experience an intense blended orgasm,” shares Ingram. “Compared to our existing rabbit, DUO 2, Blend is smaller and available at a lower price – perfect for customers looking for a high-quality, dual-stimulation toy.”

Womanizer’s dedication to innovation is stitched into the fabric of the company’s ten-year history. 

“When we launch a new product, customers can be excited that they are getting the original, patented Pleasure Air technology with features consumers have come to love,” ensures Ingram. “Womanizer’s product upgrades come from real user feedback. From the design phase to mass production, we are constantly listening to our user panel, retail staff and end consumers, and making edits to our toys along the way.”

Customers of Womanizer also know that they can expect high-quality, heavily researched and tested products from every purchase. Womanizer toys are made of body-safe materials and without phthalates, BPA or latex. And if for some reason, a product doesn’t work the way it should, all Womanizer products come with a five-year warranty. 

Essential to eliminating the gaps in women’s needs is an undying effort in including all women, which is why Womanizer products come with two sizes of stimulation heads and at varying price points. 

In honor of Womanizer’s 10th anniversary, keep an eye out for more surprises coming to the line, including a new line of products and an exciting celebrity collaboration.

For more information, visit b2b.lovehoneygroup.com and/or womanizer.com.