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United Consortium galloped into the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) this January with their new “Bucked” brand, and pandemonium ensued. 

“The booth was so crowded at one point that security had to come and disperse the crowd because of the fire hazard it was causing,” says David Greer, Brand Sponsor for United Consortium’s Bucked brand. “It was the equestrian-themed models that put us over the top, but the products are pretty fabulous too.”

Bucked was featured in the main show room to an overwhelmingly positive reception as the models posed for photo ops and handed out Bucked-branded whips for people to continue the fun at home. It was easily the most popular booth at the show, with deserved buzz around the exciting new products.

The Bucked line is developed by gay men for gay men, with products like “Smokey Wrangler,” a luxurious leather-scented masturbation cream, and “Phantom,” a slick and stringy white lubricant that looks and feels almost exactly like semen, billed as “realistic cum play.”  The sumptuous packaging puts people right in the saddle for an exhilarating ride, bringing to mind intoxicatingly masculine imagery and colors. Rich dark blue, burgundy, grey, teal and burnt sienna adorn the robust flip-top tubes, while gold faux saddle stitches tie everything together. 

“We want men to feel like their sliding into leather-bound straps and harnesses, ready for a smooth ride that only a thoroughbred stallion can give, knowing that at any moment, its raw power can make it as rough as you want it at any moment,” Greer says. “These are products the gay market has been craving. The style, the themes – it’s almost a regal ‘coat of arms’ for gay pleasure. And of course, the super high-quality lubricants are developed specifically with gay men in mind.”

Bucked’s ANME shelf displays were swarmed with people interested in the fresh look and feel, noting the healthy ingredients in the formulations like vitamin E, aloe vera and coconut oil. And the equestrian theme seemed to resonate with men and women alike. Greer was not surprised. “Horses are sexy! They’re big, muscular and you can ride them. Need I say more?”

As the Bucked “Stride” water-based lubricant copy says, it’s “made for stallions who rear up and take pride when they hit their stride.” The world is waiting for their next rodeo!

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