Williams Trading is pleased to announce the addition of Olivia’s Boudoir Boutique Line in stock for wholesale orders for upcoming Valentine’s Day selling period. This new high-end product line features 100% all natural manufacturing with coconut oil, including high-end fragrances from USA perfumers. View the complete assortment for wholesale ordering here.
“Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to launch Olivia’s Boudoir,” says Deanna K., marketing and vendor liaison. “ It’s all about a pampering experience, and romance. We are supporting the launch of this new Olivia’s Boudoir product line with free retail testers for brick and mortar dealers.”
The Olivia’s Boudoir Boutique Line comes to market in attractive packaging that appeals to men and women and gender-neutral consumers. A private collection of euphoric products that enhances Romance with Passion & Desire Immersing yourself in the Sensually Luxurious collections.  Olivia has created and designed each collection to leave you feeling beautifully pampered. Olivia’s custom fragrances transport you to Love on a bed rose petals, Romance on a Tropical Island and much more.
“The newest Olivia’s Boudoir line features sensuous fragrances and high-end packaging, which is sure to be a hit with our higher-end boutique dealers, home party girls and drop shippers,” says, Charlotte Lopez sales rep Williams Trading Co. “ We especially love the Little Black Bags Tropical Paradise from Olivia’s Boudoir. A discreet Little Black Bag of Romantic Essentials for a weekend getaway or a romantic stay or vacation. Each Little Bag contains a delightful play powder, sensual feather duster, fragrant massage candle, and delicious massage oil.”
The Olivia’s Boudoir Boutique Line is was created with consumer research “It was one of my customers that asked me to create a luxurious, romantic product line for their store that was part of the adult market.  We began to create a line of beautiful, luxurious products for our customer that we would love to use ourselves…and as we tested them, we felt pampered. “Says Jeanette Maurer founder, at Olivia’s Boudoir.
“We created each product to follow our original intent, being made from premium ingredients, using no harmful chemicals and bringing to life a sense of personal pleasure & desire. We take great care in creating a collection of products that are as natural and wholesome as possible, while still adding a feeling of being sensual and romantic.”

At Olivia’s Boudoir, we are always striving toward excellence,  to improve our products and enhance your ” Romantic” pampering experience.

For ordering and product information, call a Williams Trading sales representative at 800-423-8587 or visit www.williamstradingco.com to view the Valentine’s Day Essentials Guide at the following link. For drops shipment and e-commerce support please visit http://dropship.williamstradingco.com/