Tami Rose, sex expert/educator and owner of Jackson, Mississippi’s Romantic Adventures (RomanticAdventures.com), is offering tips on the tastiest edible lubes of 2021.

“Flavored lubes are either very good or very bad and there seems to be no in-between,” says Rose. “For fruit flavors and unparalleled rigorous testing and safe lab environments, I would have to say Jo lubes are always a good go-to. Strawberry, Watermelon and Cherry are our top three flavors, but I have a dedicated Lemon flavor following as well. It’s light and refreshing and not overwhelming. The Peach and Tropical Fruit get honorable mentions as well!”

For a great summertime cooldown, “Wicked Aqua Chill is amazing; it uses peppermint oil and simple ingredients to create a truly amazing sensation. I think Wicked has really nailed some complex flavors and they don’t leave a greasy feel or saccharine after-taste.”

For coffee lovers, “my personal favorite is Wicked’s Salted Caramel in the morning while the coffee brews on its timer and makes the house smell amazing while I handle the morning wood.”

When choosing a lube, Rose says to look for simple, easy-to-understand ingredients, “and you definitely want something water-based for oral pleasure. You may move into hybrids if you want things to last longer, but you will sacrifice taste. “Have a bottle of water-based and a bottle of silicone-based for skin-to-skin or shower play.

“Be sure not to use warming lotions like body heat instead of flavored lube,” she says. “Some tingly products contain sugar, and sugar in the vagina is an invitation for bacteria and may feed a yeast infection if your internal PH becomes imbalanced.

“It’s best to visit your local adult store – or, say, RomanticAdventures.com online for good reputable adult-oriented products,” Rose adds. “Leave the cooking oils in the kitchen and use the right products in the right application. Take care of your equipment so you can stay in the game.”

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