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SexToyDistributing.com has been working hard to help its community fight COVID-19 and has partnered with American University of Health Sciences Foundation (AUHS Foundation) to donate to hospitals in the greater Los Angeles area with essential supplies and personal protection equipment (PPE), including masks, nitrile gloves, face shields, and hard-to-find N95 masks. The company encourages other companies with the means to join the efforts and contact the AUHS Foundation today.

“Sex Toy Distributing is one of the world’s largest distributors of fetish and kink equipment and we coincidentally got our start specializing in fetish medical gear,” SexToyDistributing.com wholesale supervisor Brenda Reynoso says. “Our decades-long relationships within this space have given us access to all kinds of hard-to-find and in-demand medical gear, and we never could have guessed how valuable these relationships would become. We highly encourage other distributors and manufacturers in our industry to contact the AUHS Foundation and see how they might be able to support first-responders and frontline healthcare workers.”

Companies interested in donating to the AUHS Foundation are recommended to contact Kim Dang at (310) 339-7017 or kdang@auhs.edu.

SexToyDistributing.com’s strong relationships with medical product manufacturers and suppliers of medical gear put the company in a unique position to access the kinds of PPE that many hospitals across the city desperately need. As statewide stay-at-home protocols were implemented, the SexToyDistributing.com team got to work contacting sourcing and purchasing managers to gather as much PPE as they could and donate it to facilities in need.

“We have been fortunate to be able to support Los Angeles hospitals in this way and take advantage of our strong relationships in this space,” Reynoso adds. “Not only were we able to access and donate face shields and gloves, we also were able to gather and donate hard-to-find N95 masks and currently are working to add more essential PPE to our next donation. These important items are in short supply across the country and it’s an honor to support those on the frontlines of fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.”

SexToyDistributing.com also is the first distributor to offer CleanStream 70% alcohol hand sanitizer, giving staff and customers access to this important decontamination tool.

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