is now shipping the latest additions to the Creature Cocks line of fantasy-inspired pleasure products: the new Raptor Claw and Demon Claw Fisting Silicone Dildos. Offering Creature Cocks’ signature durable silicone construction in exciting, new monstrous fist shapes, these insertables make it easy to take fisting play to a new dimension.

Bring deep, dark reptilian fantasies to life with the Raptor Claw Fisting Silicone Dildo, a green scaly hand featuring long claws and meaty fingers that come together in a clenched fist. This shape is terrific for vaginal or anal play thanks to its flared based and textured surface. The Raptor Claw Fisting Silicone Dildo measures 8.6 inches in length (7.4 inches insertable) and its widest insertable diameter is 3.3 inches.

Step over to the dark side with the Demon Claw Fisting Silicone Dildo, a clawed, scaly red-and-black fist with thick, muscular fingers that are ready to delve deep into the body to deliver satisfying vaginal or anal play. The Demon Claw Fisting Silicone Dildo features a stimulating texture and a wide anal-safe base. It has an overall length of 8.6 inches (7.4 inches insertable) and an insertable diameter of 3.3 inches.

“Customers have really embraced Creature Cocks and it’s always a success when new releases are announced,” Brenda Reynoso, Wholesale Supervisor, says. “From sex toy fans to cosplayers, this line has been popular with almost everyone, and we are thrilled to be able to offer new shapes and designs to meet the demand. Whether for pleasure use or as a novelty purchase, shoppers are clearly drawn to Creature Cocks.”

Creature Cocks is a fantastical collection that includes imaginative, colorful shapes designed to take pleasure to another dimension. Each of Creature Cocks’ fascinating phalluses and accessories is made of non-porous, body-safe silicone that is sturdy and easy to care for. Each one features a wide base that can be used with a harness or suctioned onto a smooth flat surface to facilitate hands-free use.

Creature Cocks products are packaged in brightly colored boxes adorned with eye-catching images along with close-ups of its features. Creature Cocks packaging is suitable for shelf or slatwall displays.

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