Wicked Sensual Care, a leading brand in intimate wellness, is shining its Retail Employee Spotlight on Amber Salyer of Romantic Escapades in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Amber discovered her passion for retail through an unexpected yet serendipitous journey. Born to the owners of Romantic Escapades, she was introduced to the world of customer service and business operations from an early age. In 2017, she formally joined her parents’ business, initially to help out and learn the ropes. What began as a temporary role swiftly turned into a profound calling. “When I entered the industry it was for a paycheck,” expresses Amber. “However, I quickly found my passion.” Immersed in the day-to-day activities of Romantic Escapades, she found herself captivated by the unique blend of creativity, strategy, and personal connection that retail demanded. Her innate talent for understanding customer needs and her innovative approach to merchandising breathed new life into the store, enhancing its charm and broadening its appeal.

When her parents decided to sell Romantic Escapades in 2022, Amber faced a crossroads. With unwavering dedication to the store and its community, she chose to remain a cornerstone of the establishment. “Under the new ownership, my opportunities as well as my passion for the industry have continued to grow,” she observes. Her commitment not only ensured continuity but also propelled the store to new heights. “I focus on education for our guests. There is so much in the industry that is unknown. It is in that unknown where I strive to open up possibilities for our guests. I want my store to be an educational resource while being all-inclusive and a safe space for all individuals.”

Today, Amber stands as a testament to the power of passion in one’s profession, thriving in the very place where her love for retail was first kindled. “I love when guests come back and let me know the conversations they had with me and the products they purchased have had a profound impact on their lives. It is stories like these that make me believe that what we do makes a difference. I tell guests, ‘just be yourself no matter who judges you,’ and I strive to embrace all individuals out there for exactly who they are. One thing I love about Wicked Sensual Care is they create products that are high quality, safe for everyone, and inclusive to all realms of society.”

“Amber Salyer’s continued dedication to Romantic Escapades, the store her parents founded, has not only ignited a profound passion for service within her but has also significantly benefited the local community,” said Wicked Sensual Care Sales Director Jennifer Brice. “Her unwavering commitment and innovative spirit have transformed the store into a cherished local gem, enriching the lives of customers and fostering a strong sense of community pride.”

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