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At only two years old, Warm is hardly a household brand. But the company’s founder, Janine Weisberg, isn’t resting on her laurels and has “product twists” in the future.

In two years’ time, Janine Weisberg, has helped bring to bear a company with two products to its name as well as a role as a female entrepreneur in an industry where that is a growing trend.

Janine, who is well aware of how fortunate she is to be where she is—in advance of her birthday this month no less—still realizes how much more there is to accomplish.
She spoke with SE Magazine about her time in the industry, how she views herself within said industry and why her company is piping hot.

SE: It’s been a little less than two years since you entered the industry—in this time, what have you learned about the adult retail industry? 

Weisberg: What a great two years this has been.
The first thing I learned was that it’s not all big brands producing everything you see on the consumer side. I was surprised, delighted and inspired to meet so many start-up and budding manufacturers giving it their all to share their products with the world.

In the beginning, it sometimes felt like everyone was competing for the same customer base and I can remember feeling a couple times, how am I ever going to be able to catch the customers’ attention for Warm? Thankfully, the truth is there are plenty of customers for everyone, and even just one customer who is your customer this year could be mine the next. Sexuality is fluid…what a person wants, needs, and is learning about themselves this year will evolve next year, just as they do. Our plan is to stay true to why these products were developed in the first place and share that message with as many people as possible.

The biggest lesson I have learned is the industry needs all of us. We need to keep bringing our innovative, shiny and new just as much as we need the classic tried and trues to always be there to best serve all end users throughout a lifetime of experiences.

SE: What preconceptions did you perhaps have when you started that you know aren’t true or you found are different than what you had in mind?

Weisberg: I did not realize how vibrant and powerful the female entrepreneur energy is within the industry. I honestly was ready to step into a male-centric environment and the outdated reality that can sometimes come with it; having to work twice as hard as a woman and always being ready to unexpectedly have to prove myself before we could get down to business.

I am the epitome of the expression, “she is tiny, but she is mighty.” Hard work is one of my favorite things. Getting to do it for the right reasons has been wonderful.
To realize this industry does have support for mine, and other female-identified voices, insights, products, and leadership has made the last two years some of the most fun of my life. There are some real firecrackers doing all kinds of good things here and I love it.

SE: Speaking of, how do you view your role as a new female entrepreneur in the industry?

Weisberg: For me, I feel it is a responsibility to stay aware that every time a woman reaches for her dreams, she is lighting the way for another to do so.
Again, for me, I find one of the greatest strengths of a woman, and by that, I mean every possible way one can identify as a woman, we are all sisters and together we are stronger; one of our greatest strengths is our willingness to share our stories. Our successes, challenges, and the obstacles we’ve overcome. Nothing is as easy as it looks for anyone.
For me as a new female entrepreneur, it feels important to model success as an expression of everything that makes me unique. Sharing how my strengths and weaknesses all play a part in the building of this company could be the one thing someone else needs to hear to find the inspiration to go after their dreams.

“For me as a new female entrepreneur, it feels important to model success as an expression of everything that makes me unique.” – Weisberg

SE: Beyond the specs found online, what can you say about Touch and Warm?

Weisberg: What I wish I could impart on every person about Touch and Warm is that both products are worthy of being added to your pleasure collection, not only because they are rich in quality materials, function and technology, but also because they bring to you a new level of luxurious pleasure. To your senses, your sensations, and your sensuality.

If there is any area worthy of treating ourselves to the things that make us feel special, our sexual intimacy is it.

Buying sumptuous intimacy products to indulge in sheer pleasure, just for your personal benefit, might just be the highest form of balanced self-care.

SE: What’s been the reception to these products and what was the thought process behind releasing these products?

Weisberg: There was and is nothing like Warm on the market. The latest and greatest toy with more patterns and shapes is awesome. A whole new way to experience that toy and every other one you love without having to reinvent the toy market? Yes, please.

Warm is a very visceral experience. Being able to be at the shows and demo the sensations for people is a lot of fun and incredibly satisfying. I love the look they get when the “Oh. Ooooh!” reaction hits.

It is one of those “feeling is believing” sensations. You can’t help but imagine, if this feels this good in my hand, it’s going to feel incredible other places.

Touch is just such an obvious. Lube is amazing. Using it has always been less graceful. Touch integrates lube right into your intimate moments like never before without having to Touch anything but each other. Or, maybe even just yourself.

Call me a connoisseur of sensuality but for me, every moment before, during, and after a sexual encounter, whether alone or shared, is ripe for either building anticipation or enhancing a sensation.

The thought process behind these products is simple—take the products everyone loves and is using and elevate them in a new way that enhances the best part of using them. Basically, create one product that works with nearly every other pleasure product and, heightens the anticipation, sensation, and communication for as many as possible.
Then, do it again for lube. Nothing like a challenge. Warm and Touch highlight your favorite bedroom accessories beautifully.

SE: Without revealing too much, what do you have planned for Warm’s next release?

Weisberg: Only that we think bedroom investment pieces are divine. And, that we want everyone to be able to have them, and, also have them the way they want them. Some may want to include Warm products into their pleasure and find the cost prohibitive, we are aware of that. And yet for others, the sensations of ultimate sensual luxury is exactly what they want in their intimacy. No matter the cost. We are aware of that too.
We have taken a lot into consideration and, without revealing too much, you can look for more product twists that embrace the whole spectrum of what people have shared with us they wish our products could be.

From the beginning, I have passionately wanted everyone who wants or needs our products to be able to have them. It’s quite something to realize how wide the gamut is between what we have heard is wanted and needed, so we are making the effort to meet them at both ends. Warm products for everyone, so everyone can enjoy the experience.

For more information, visit experiencewarm.com.

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