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(Note: This story appears in the October 2022 issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

As US companies are continually releasing new products for the adult novelty industry, it’s also important to keep up with what’s happening in Canada or “across the pond” in the U.K. and Europe. Who are the emerging brands our readers need to know about? This Special Focus narrows this list of companies down to the best of the best: The top foreign brands that are available to U.S. retailers today.

(Editor’s note: All answers are courtesy of company representatives)

What helps set your company and its products apart?

Creative Conceptions

With the largest collection of couples games in the world, Creative Conceptions has built a strong reputation for producing relationship-enhancing games that bring pleasure to couples everywhere. The company’s best-selling game, Monogamy, has sold over 1.5 million games worldwide, is available in nine languages and has won multiple awards both within the adult industry and broader industries, too. Creative Conceptions also has a good range of gender-neutral games, including Oral Fun, Our Sex Game and Path to Pleasure, ensuring everyone can enhance their connection and communication through play.


All our products are designed in-house using our combined adult/medical/engineering backgrounds to create SKUs that are high quality, intuitive to use and great fun. Many of our items are made directly in our workshop in the UK, with only a limited number coming from our manufacturing partners, so we have complete control of our quality and workmanship. At ElectraStim we’re never content to stay still, so we’re always developing and redeveloping products to offer the best possible range we can. We’re incredibly proud of our customer service and ability to go above and beyond for our customers (distributors, stockists, and retail consumers). As a small team, it’s always rewarding to be recognized as a global brand in e-stim and it’s testament to how hard every single one of us works to drive ElectraStim forward.

Twenty years is a long time to be around in any industry, but in one as fast-paced as the adult industry, it’s given us a lot of experience of how to continue to make ourselves relevant and interesting to consumers. Electro-sex as a niche is still fairly small but one that is growing in size with every year that passes as more and more people crave a new experience from a sex toy. I think what makes us one of the top names in our market is our hunger to push e-stim as a concept to more people and to make our products the best they can possibly be.


Packaging definitely, but also quality. We stand out on the shelf, but our flavors and clean formulas that work are what creates our high returning customer rate.

We understand our place in the market. We are a consumable. We are an impulse buy. We are the added sale. We try and create products and, in parallel, point of sale displays and marketing to help retailers sell our products and boost their shopping cart sales numbers. We were also amongst the first to incorporate diversity, both body and ethnic, into our marketing. I know for a fact that this stood out with some in our industry.


Our technology is truly unique and we purposely keep our product line small and exclusive. The styles may change every year, but one thing remains the same: all of our powered products connect to the FeelConnect app and have the same interactive compatibility whether users have an interactive vibrator or interactive masturbator.

Our products provide realistic sensations and immersive experiences, some key features include:

• Virtual Reality: With VR glasses, users can enjoy high-quality adult videos filmed in 180 and 360-degrees with 3D stereoscopic views.

• Feel Your Lover: Our interactive sex toys give users the ability to control their partner(s) interactive sex toys and pair their products for simultaneous pleasure from any distance.

• Feel Videos: Kiiroo’s interactive sex toys can be synced to adult content and react to what is happening on-screen giving users the feeling that they are in the scene. Kiiroo’s newest project; FeelMe AI, makes any adult content on the internet interactive (only certified 18+ sites are compatible).

• Webcam Feature: Kiiroo’s unique webcam feature; FeelPerfomer will bring performers extra profit and tips as the technology allows webcam models to sync their Kiiroo interactive sex toys to their camming platforms, and they can also give control to their fans while they are interacting with one another. Performers can also make use of special features such as OBS and split-camming using their Kiiroo interactive sex toys online.


The special feature of KOKOS is that the company manufactures products that emphasizes art, design, and utility in men’s masturbation silicon instruments that would be otherwise lackluster.


ORION Wholesale is known for its extensive bestseller assortment, and especially with its packaging designs and labels that have done more than just influence the erotic industry. Our market-leading labels and products are well-known all over the world and stand for a successful, sustainable strategy, which has the necessary tactfulness for the erotic industry. Retailers and customers trust in this know-how and benefit from the variety of products and labels that are high-quality and have brand recognition.

Furthermore, ORION Wholesale stands for fair and stable prices, high delivery capacity, and competent, service-oriented advice. We have customers all over the world and our motivated team is available for them every day. However, ORION Wholesale’s main focus is on a trusting, collaborative business relationship and personal contact.

We supply our customers with up to 80,000 items a day. And we even do the entire order fulfillment for some retailers. Our standardized, multi-order-picking system, the three pick-to-light systems and the two material flow computers ensure the quick processing of orders. This means that our customers all over the world receive their orders on time.

How can stores order your products?

Creative Conceptions

Creative Conceptions LLC works with a large selection of well-known distributors in the US, some on a partial-line basis and others on a full-line distribution basis, such as East Coast News, Eldorado, National Video and Nalpac. A full list of stockists is available on the Creative Conceptions website. If your store is not listed currently but you stock our games, please contact us and we will make sure you’re added.


We work with East Coast News, Nalpac, Eldorado and Holiday Products. We have a warehouse in the US, so supply is easy.

Deep Fantasies

Our products are also stocked and sold by Shevibe.com, Loverlair.com, and WildHeartXXX in Seattle. Though we are an e-commerce-based business, all customers can order directly from us, which is 99% of our business.


Currently, we are preparing to enter the American market in cooperation with European distributors, and we will introduce various products of KOKOS to American consumers soon. If given the opportunity, I would also like to do business with good distributors in the US.


Currently we work with Mr S Leather, Eldorado, Stockroom and Nalpac. Our entire range is available via these distributors alongside POS materials for brick and mortar stockists and full product training/support is available from us directly.


We distribute directly from our US warehouse in Rhode Island, but we are also happy to be working with both Eldorado and Entrenue. Both distributors carry our full line.


We work with East Coast News and National Video, they carry our entire line. We also have two warehouses in the US (one on the east coast and one on the west coast) and one in Canada.


We already work together with Entrenue who distribute unique products for us such as our vibepad. Interested wholesalers can also get in touch with us to get an overview of our entire product assortment. All of our products are available for the US market apart from a few exceptions, above all, from the lube assortment. We are aiming to deliver our goods from a distribution warehouse in the US in the future.