(Note: This story appears in the October 2022 issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

As US companies are continually releasing new products for the adult novelty industry, it’s also important to keep up with what’s happening in Canada or “across the pond” in the U.K. and Europe. Who are the emerging brands our readers need to know about? This Special Focus narrows this list of companies down to the best of the best: The top foreign brands that are available to U.S. retailers today.

(Editor’s note: All answers are courtesy of company representatives)

What is your most popular product and why?

WOW Tech

Some of our flagship brands, Womanizer and We-Vibe, have launched popular toys that celebrate pleasure while being intuitive of consumer trends.

We are seeing a shift in consumer demand for the wearable Moxie. We-Vibe customers are loyal to the brand because of the shared couples experience that the c-shape offers. Moxie is popular because it is an exciting, shared connection that can be used together or at a distance. During the pandemic, Moxie was a way for couples to be sensual when they could not be in the same space. Now, vulva owners have taken this experience to public places, enjoying discreet pleasure while on a date or at a music festival. Wearables controlled via remote or app by a partner are ideal for edging or foreplay. Adventurous partners can connect at a distance with the We-Vibe App by controlling or creating custom vibrations and using the feedback buttons.

Creative Conceptions
+44 1636 703454; sales@creativeconceptions.com

When it comes to long-term relationships, it’s easy to lose that spark, especially when the mundane of everyday life sets in. To combat this, Creative Conceptions created “Monogamy: A Hot Affair… With Your Partner” more than 20 years ago. Since then, it has sold more than 1.5 million games worldwide, been translated into nine languages, won multiple awards, and remains one of the company’s best-sellers ­— but why?

It’s simple. Every couple wants to build a strong foundation for their relationship and to keep hold of the spark they had when they first got together — the best way to enhance that connection and communication is through play.

With more than 400 seductive suggestions at three progressively intimate levels, Monogamy encourages couples to push beyond their comfort zones and try new, exciting things together in a fun and easy way that is guaranteed to have them both laughing and lusting after each other again.

Intimate Earth
MELT Natural Warming Glide

Paraben-free MELT is a premium PH balanced water and plant-derived, glycerin-based formula containing natural cinnamon bark extract. This formula naturally warms the skin on contact and blends naturally with a woman’s own fluids. MELT, which is latex condom friendly and safe to ingest, is also suitable to use with male masturbator toys. Plus, MELT also tastes and smells like cinnamon and honey.

Keon by Kiiroo

Our Keon by Kiiroo (masturbator and now sex machine) is our best-selling boutique product. The Keon is so popular because it is the most powerful automatic male masturbator on the market that not only fully imitates penetration but can also be connected to 2D, VR and webcam.

The Keon enables long-distance control, allowing partners to play with each other even when they are in different countries. The interactive capabilities ensure the Keon syncs seamlessly to interactive adult videos and connects to interactive webcam content. Keon can be purchased separately or bundled with the Feel Stroker or Feel Stars Collection of personalized strokers and with the variety of Keon accessories currently available.

The Keon is not just a traditional masturbator, it can reach up to 230 strokes
per minute, provide thrusting sensations and is compact in design for easy handling. We recently launched a compatible Vacuum Lock dildo and attachment that will allow partners to enjoy the product together or as a standalone sex machine or for interactive fun on webcam.

ORION Wholesale
vibepad 2
wholesale@orion.de; bradcke@orion.deThis is certainly the vibepad 2 at the moment, a new version of the strong-selling vibro-cushion that stimulates the clitoris, vagina and anus in a completely hands-free way.



Deep Fantasies
Penis sheaths

Our most popular products are our penis sheaths, which are wearable in various designs: tentacles, werewolf, and alien, for example.


Flavored warming massage gels

Traditionally, our best-sellers have always been our flavored warming massage gels. They taste amazing, (every flavor is spot-on, no bitter after taste), but
also warming “massage” is that gateway product that allows the curious to dip their toes in the kinky pond for the first time. Add in lovely, colorful, couple- friendly packaging and you have a product that is sure to please.

Simul8 prostate edition is our best seller for the last year. I think it’s a really great product at a really great price point. Simul8 offers four points of pleasure for the user by providing stimulation to the prostate and the perineum simultaneously, a cock ring for the shaft to keep you harder and a cock ring for the testicles to keep you going longer. It’s a great product to use alone or with a partner and they can feel the benefits, too.

Since its release in 2018, the AXIS stimulator has consistently been the most popular stimulator in our range and always takes one of the ‘top 3’ spots in our sales charts. I think as there’s nothing else on the market quite like it in terms of performance (and ambition on our part!) that electro fans in particular realize they’re getting a lot for their investment. All our distributors are very knowledgeable about electro-sex and we’re always on hand to offer advice on our products so even though it’s a powerful, technology-laden unit, we make it as simple possible to get to grips with.

After 2021, the 1:1 actual-size model series Onahole products are popular. In fact, they are loved for their practical and high quality that can satisfy customers. These models feature beautiful sculptures with subtle expression. The persistence of KOKOS that turns imagination into reality is the driving force that leads our brand.