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(Note: This story appears in the December 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

As manufacturers move the needle farther into the field of sexual wellness, product ranges for men are evolving just as quickly as those for females. In this SE Special Focus, we ask manufacturers to name their number-one pleasure product for men.

What is your all-time number-one pleasure product for men?

Optimum Series Precision Pump With Erection Enhancer

Precision Pump brings users a one-step enhancement system to maximize both pleasure and size with the Precision Pump with Erection Enhancer. Eight inches of length and 2 inches of width are ready to help pump up the penis to its greatest potential. The smoky, translucent cylinder allows users to enjoy the view as the pump works its magic. The pump works using a suction system that creates an airtight seal around the penis and increases pressure and blood flow. This allows for firmer erections and, over time, encourages growth in both length and girth. The cylinder’s precise measurement system allows users to track their progress as they pump. The flexible, non-crimping hose allows for comfortable pumping in any position. This pump comes with a soft, stretchy Erection Enhancer that can be slipped easily onto the base of the pump’s cylinder. When users are ready to transition from pump to play, they use the easy-grip handles on the sides of the enhancer to pull it onto the base of the shaft. The enhancer maintains that rock-hard erection, increases stamina, and maximizes sensitivity. The Erection Enhancer is a one-step pump that allows users to pump up their erection and supercharge play at the same time.

Doc Johnson
Sasha Grey Signature Stroker

Doc Johnson’s all-time number one toy/product for men is the Sasha Grey Signature Stroker. This stroker is modeled directly from Sasha Grey. Not only is it anatomically correct, it also feels just like human flesh, thanks to the company’s proprietary ultra-realistic UltraSKYN material.

XR Brands
The Milker

The Milker is specifically designed for automatic stroking and sucking, with two cylinders for a variety of sensations. This multi-speed machine houses everything users need discreetly in the top. Just plug the hose into the cylinder and use the dial to control speed. Two cylinders are included. The first is specially designed to suck the shaft, at nearly 9 inches long and lined with supple latex for a tight seal. The smaller cylinder is for more targeted pleasure, such as the cock head or even the clitoris or nipples. The Milker can be used alone or with a partner, for foreplay, solo play or anything the user can dream up.

Nexus Range
Revo Embrace

The Nexus Revo Embrace combines two of Nexus’ best-selling ranges to create the ultimate prostate massager. It’s a Revo so it has the two-speed, bi-rotational shaft — this rotates to give the user a really firm and thorough prostate massage. It also has a six-speed vibrating perineum massager and firm yet stretchy double cock ring like the SImul8 range which means the wearer can go harder for longer. By combining these assets from both ranges, the user gets four points of pleasure which delivers maximum benefits whether it’s used alone or with a partner.

Snug & Tug

b-Vibe’s Snug & Tug quickly found its way to the company’s best-sellers and its design is widely enjoyed by penis-owners. b-Vibe took everything folks love about their weighted, silicone Snug Plugs and added a silicone leash and play-ring. When the ring is placed around a penis and the plug is inserted, dual stimulation is achieved. The additional silicone ridge on the leash helps stimulate the perineum with each stroke or thrust, so it’s actually creating internal stimulation with the weighted plug, restrictive stimulation with the play-ring, and external stimulation with the perineum ridge — three playful sensations in one.

Xgen Products Zolo Thrustbuster

The ZOLO Thrustbuster still sells really well. The Thrustbuster is a thrusting male stimulator that uses automatic stroking technology to mimic the sensation of sliding in and out of a real vagina. Featuring four thrusting modes, the Thrustbuster also has built-in erotic audio for added stimulation. The easy grip handle is also great for one-handed use.


Maia’s all-time, best-selling men’s product is the Piper. Piper is a self masturbator that sucks, vibrates, and heats. Piper offers 15 sucking functions, 15 vibration patterns, and three temperature choices. Piper also has 6 inches of insertion length, giving the user full penis stimulation. Piper is also fully submersible making it easy to clean and allowing the user to have fun anywhere. This toy is the penis version of the clit sucker, and its power and functionality make it one of the best, most diverse masturbators money can buy.

Boneyard ToysUltimate Silicone Cock Ring/Skwert Aroma Topper Kit

The Boneyard Ultimate Silicone Cock Ring is a must-have man toy for every man’s arsenal. The donut-shaped ring is designed to increase both comfort and lifespan. The Boneyard-branded design has a sleek soft touch silicone finish and features a superior and durable stretch. The rings provide all-day comfort when worn under jeans or a swimsuit to show off the man bulge. They will also withstand the punishment of users’ longest play sessions.

The Patent Pending Aroma Topper turns an aroma bottle into a one-handed, flip top. No more slippery, two-handed battle with the bottle. With the Aroma Topper, just use the thumb to click it open and closed for a tight seal, helping prevent spilling, staining and waste. The nose cone inserts into the nostril perfectly allowing for a huge whiff. The Aroma Topper fits most traditional popper bottles, but bottle sizes can vary, so the kit comes with both small and large toppers to fit most bottles on the market.

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

The Men Heat Vibration combination of heating and vibrations provides for maximum stimulation of the penis tip and a truly authentic pleasure experience. Men Heat Vibration is perfect for edging arousal and heated foreplay. It is made from super-soft, body-friendly, medical-grade silicone that’s smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic. Plus, thanks to its waterproof (IPX7) finish, this toy can be used safely in water and is easy to clean.

Rocks Off
Rude Boy

Rude Boy has been and still continues to hold its place in a very competitive male product market. With this in mind, Rocks Off has taken Rude Boy to another level with the launch of Rude Boy Extreme. Rude Boy Extreme is designed to give firm, full-on masculine experience for deep, potent prostate and perineum pleasure. Extreme’s powerful, dual independent 10 function motors, comfortable girth and precision body fit shaft ensures users experience a total and full body prostate orgasm. Extreme is flexible, tactile, and made with sensual touch, body-safe silicone to invite sexual play and provide total enjoyment. The product also comes with a remote control for easy switching up of enjoyment levels.

WOW Tech
Arcwave Ion

For solo pleasure The Arcwave Ion is next level, for partner play, focusing on the penis owner, the We-Vibe Bond is a very popular go to. The Arcwave Ion combines Pleasure Air technology with a stroker to really change the game. It is the first of its kind since it combines technology that is all the rage in products for people with clitorises. It stimulates the frenulum (underside of the penis) with air waves to deliver an entirely new type of orgasm, one that is not achievable by stroking alone. Ion is made from premium grade, super smooth, soft, stretchy silicone that suits both circumcised and uncircumcised penises of all sizes. Thanks to the innovative Smart Silence function, the stimulation starts only when there is skin contact with the Pleasure Air sensor. By elevating the classic stroker with this revolutionary technology, Arcwave Ion has created a category of its own for penis pleasure.

CB-X CB-6000S (Chastity Cock Cage Kit)

Since the release of the original chastity cage (CB-2000) in 1998, CB-X product development has evolved to meet the needs of its core consumers. Out of their complete chastity cage collection (six models total), the best-selling model, historically, is the CB-6000S. Released in 2012, the CB-6000S is a shorter iteration (2.5” total cage length) of our CB-6000 (3 1/4” total cage length). Size-wise, the CB-6000S falls in-between the CB-3000, and the company’s most recent chastity release, Mr. Stubb. CB-6000S was manufactured based on demand from our customers — this model is an all-time best-seller because the size reflects the anatomical measurements of the majority of chastity cage wearers.