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This year is proving to be a sex-positive revolution, and with that, Sportsheets keeps finding itself in the mainstream media. From viral videos on New York Magazine’s YouTube channel to paid premium services like Netflix and HBO to being featured again in Cosmopolitan magazine.

“We love seeing our products in the mainstream media,” says John Turi, marketing director for Sportsheets. “As sexual wellness becomes more accepted and promoted, we have been noticing a trend of our products popping up in the media more, and more!”

The Kegel Exercise System was spotlighted in the June 2019 issue of Cosmopolitan in the “3 New Sex Things You Should Try This Month” article. It marks the eighth time Sportsheets has landed on the pages of the magazine. Sexual wellness is being discussed more today than ever in more public environments.

Ever since the BDSM boom a few years ago, we are continuing to see bondage become a regular occurrence in mass media. From fashion to TV commercials, kink is being brought out of the proverbial dungeon and is disrupting the status quo.

“Over the past few months, Sportsheets has had five different bondage items featured through different mainstream outlets”, said Turi.

New York Magazine launched a new YouTube show, Sex Probz on YouTube, and on the episode ‘I’m Kinky and Broke. Where do I start?’ their sex educators introduced Sportsheets’ flagship product and namesake, The Sportsheet. On HBO, Margaret Cho was spotted wearing the Sportcuffs and was also featured being tied down in the Under the Bed Restraint System in an episode of High Maintenance.

Sportsheets also reports their ‘Slut’ Impression Paddle, was on the ‘Netflix’ show, ‘Bonding’. Their bondage products are even reaching reality TV shows like, “Little Women LA: Couples Retreat” where their Heart Beat crop was shown.

“We love seeing our products getting highlighted while we are watching or reading our favorite entertainment mediums,” says Sportsheets president Julie Stewart. “We can’t wait to see what the next find will be!”

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