The Georgia-based adult retail chain Starship Enterprises has released the results from its recent Intimacy Survey. The data reveals statistics about the participants’ sexual preferences, masturbation habits, kinks, and more. Nearly 3,000 participants took the 40-question intimacy survey, and almost 80% of those respondents live in Georgia, where Starship Enterprises is based.
According to a national study done by SWNS in 2021, only 34% of Americans describe their sex life as “satisfying” or “very satisfying.” Starship is proud to report 88.8% of its participants say their sex life is “good” or “excellent.”
Does the data prove that shopping at Starship will improve your sex life? Or does it suggest that those with excellent sex lives shop at adult stores? Whether it’s the former, or the latter, there is a definitive connection between the pursuit of pleasure and its effects on your intimate life. The results also reveal how diverse and kinky the Bible Belt truly is, with responses from people 18-71+ years in age. The findings provide intriguing insights into the needs and intimate lives of participants, such as:
  • 51% of participants identify as LGBTQIA+
  • Roughly 48% of respondents have gifted or have been gifted a sex toy
  • Roughly 95% of respondents expressed an interest at least one kink and/or fetish
  • 36% of participants enjoy spanking
“This survey has shown we play an important role in the sexual liberation of Georgia,” says Tiffany Rogers, Vice President of Operations at Starship Enterprises. “This is as validating as it is humbling. We have insight into our customer’s needs and a responsibility to serve our community. I am deeply grateful to each and every participant who was willing to be open about their intimate preferences.”
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