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StoreErotica Magazine, the leading adult publication for adult novelties and retailers, is launching its #VisitASexStore social media campaign aimed to educate consumers about greater sexual pleasure and exploration. 

“We are excited to present the #VisitASexStore campaign on Instagram,” says Kristofer Kay, StorErotica’s marketing & PR director. “We wanted to find a way to bring all the vendors and retailers together for one cause, and this allows everyone to share education and knowledge with sexually curious adults.” He continues, “It’s a great way to raise awareness about new products and the unique benefits of the in-store shopping experience, which allows consumers to learn about products they may not have otherwise seen, compare product features, impulse buy and browse unique gift ideas.”

The campaign, which will run throughout 2020, aims to remind everyone about the benefits of in-person retail shopping for sexual health and pleasure products. It will feature a variety of images outlining reasons to visit an adult store. Retailers and vendors are encouraged to post the images with the hashtag #VisitASexStore during the campaign. 

Each image will include one of 15 different reasons to visit an adult store. Some of these reasons include:

  • Checking out toys in person is more informative than browsing online and you can test and compare products
  • Knowledgeable staff can provide answers to many of your questions about sex-related products
  • You can participate in great classes and workshops, often free of charge
  • One of the only places to learn about pleasure-based sex education
  • It’s a great place to get ideas for spicing things up
  • Awesome impulse buys – you will likely see something you might not have been looking for but would be a nice surprise

To participate in the campaign, visit StorErotica’s Instagram page here.

Retailers and vendors who wish to be featured in the campaign, may submit store and product images along with unique reasons to visit a sex store to FAM@storeotica.com, or download the SE and #VisitASexStore logos here to design their own images. All posts must use the #VisitASexStore hashtag. 

Beginning with its May issue, StorErotica will feature campaign excerpts from participating stores and vendors in its publication.

For more information, visit storerotica.com.

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