M.D. Science Lab, makers of the iconic Swiss Navy brand, is once again celebrating International Lubricant Day on April 22. Since its creation in 2021, M.D. Science Lab has kept its intention true, hoping that this day of acknowledgement will increase the visibility and acceptability of lubricants as a healthy part of a person’s intimate life.

“Using lubricant can enhance sensations and can help make sexual activities more comfortable and pleasurable. There are research studies that back this up. But somehow there are still people out there who believe that using a personal lubricant is unnecessary or that its use is stigmatized. We’re hoping that sponsoring international lube day will allow people to see lubricants in a fresh, new light,” says Briana Watkins, ACS, M.D. Science Lab’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

Like last year, 2022s celebration recognizes the importance of lubricant and the value it can bring to relationships and personal health. But instead of a virtual happy hour, this year the Swiss Navy Team is hoping people will engage in talking about lube.

“We suggest asking your closest friends for their lubricant recommendations. This one suggestion is incredibly important! Did you know that according to research 85 percent of small businesses get customers through word of mouth?” says Watkins. “Word of mouth recommendations create trust.”

International Lubricant Day is meant to engage consumers and encourage them to talk about lube, discuss their favorite types, and share their recommendations with their closest friends.

“Consumers trust their friends and we want them to also trust in the healthy aspects of personal lubricants,” said Watkins.

To help start conversations, Swiss Navy created a coloring page. Everyone can find their own copy here – www.b2bswissnavy.com/international-lubricant-day-coloring-page

“We encourage people to share their masterpiece on social media, tag us, and include #InternationalLubeDay. Let’s get these healthy conversations started!” said Watkins.

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