Rya's Retail Tips ep. 4: Shaft from Nalpac on Vimeo.


In the newest episode of Retail Tips With Rya, Rya covers features, tips, and tricks for Femme Funn’s new Shaft line of non-vibrating dildos. 

 Shaft dildos are made of dual-density silicone, with the outer layer made of FLEXISKIN™ liquid silicone, a super-soft, squishy, pliable silicone, and a firm silicone core making up the inner layer. The result is a comfortable and silky-smooth yet firm dildo that’s “always up for the ride.” 

 Rya walks through examples of each ultra-realistic dildo shape, including the straight Model A with testicles, the downward-curved Model C with testicles, the straight Model J without testicles, and the side-curved Model N with testicles. Each model comes in multiple sizes and skin tone colors and features a suction cup.  

 Rya utilizes her sales expertise to list the advantages of each shape, as well as sharing scenarios for use, toys to pair them with to maximize pleasure, and even offers a demonstration of how to set up a harness and pillow for riding pleasure! 

 Shaft dildos are a great option in the world of realistic dildos with their variety of shapes, colors, and designs, as well as their highly satisfying dual-density silicone construction. To order Shaft dildos or to begin working with Nalpac, reach out at any time to sales@nalpac.com or call 800-837-5946. Visit the Nalpac website to sign up for the email newsletter https://new.nalpac.com/. 

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