(Note: This story appears in the October 2022 issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

SHUNGA Erotic Art has long been revered for its bath-and-body type products, but the company has been busy these last five years meticulously creating six new massagers to add to their repertoire.

It took five painstaking years for Sylvain Séguin’s vision to culminate in six new intimate massagers.

Séguin is the president of SHUNGA Erotic Art, a company that — until now — was known in the adult retail industry for its assortment of massage gels, lubricants and bath & body sets. With these new products, SHUNGA is entering a new arena of adult retail.

Sylvain Séguin

Séguin says the first step in this marathon was asking women what they liked or disliked about the toys they were using and what they’d like to find in a toy.

“We were surprised by the answers we received and by the complexity of their requests: Ergonomics, size, length, vibrations, comfort, sensation, materials, design, etc.,” says Séguin.

The second step was searching for concepts for the massagers’ designs — and Séguin’s first source of inspiration may surprise you: an MRI of the genitals of a couple having sex.

“To make a good design, you had to see and understand the position of a penis in a vagina,” says Séguin matter of factly. “It might seem obvious, but quite the contrary!”

Next up was finding an industrial designer capable of combining all the intel Séguin and SHUNGA had gathered along with with sophisticated and elegant designs at the height of the SHUNGA brand. Séguin admits this step was complicated because it proved difficult to precisely nail down the quality and design he had in mind.

Finally, Séguin took matters into his own hands, learning how to use a 3D industrial design software to bring to life his conceptions.

“It’s been a long and tedious road full of pitfalls,” reveals Séguin. “Three years of design, thousands of hours of work and hundreds of prototypes produced using 3D printers and a multitude of trial and error have given us the results we see today.

“I was aiming for nothing less than perfection,” he continues. “When I had goose bumps after completing a design, it was my signal that the mission was accomplished and that we could proudly affix the SHUNGA logo on this new range of stimulators.”

The end results are: OBI, AIKO, SANYA, SOYO, MIYO, and ZOA.

OBI is “the perfect massager for the woman looking for intense clitoral orgasms,” says Séguin. “Its thoughtful design simultaneously covering the clitoris, the labia and the perineum, combined with its powerful vibrations allows for a wide range of sensations. The possibilities this massager offers are endless!”

AIKO was designed for women looking for new clitoral sensations. “Its two powerful motors wrapped in ultra-silky and flexible silicone will surprise any clitoris by coating it with intensity and softness. It is also perfect for nipple-play and produces wonderful sensations on the glans of the partner. Its 10 vibration modes bring to life a multitude of sensations, while making the pleasure last,” says Séguin.

SANYA’s “luxurious and ergonomic design combined with the power and finesse of its vibrations provides a range of sensations that leads straight to the peak of vaginal or clitoral pleasure. Its grip was designed to allow for effortless movements, making this massager ideal for all body types. This massager is for the women who desire the ultimate refinement,” remarks Séguin.

SOYO is “our most powerful massager in the range. Its carefully studied design and its powerful vibrations open the doors of multi-sensory pleasures by simultaneously targeting the clitoris, labia, perineum and G-spot,” says Séguin.

MIYO’s “distinctive feature is truly its flexibility. This massager was designed with two simultaneous motors thoughtfully placed to perfectly fit the clitoral region of every women, while intensely stimulating the vaginal area and the G-spot. The ergonomics and flexibility of this massager are unparalleled,” says Séguin.

ZOA is “our most versatile intimate massager. Its refined and unique design perfectly fits the vaginal curves, simultaneously covering the clitoris, labia and perineum. Its pleasant grip allows for precise and effortless positioning on any preferred area, including full-body massage. Its powerful motor offers 10 modes of wildly exciting vibrations for the experienced woman who loves power and finesse,” comments Séguin.

These new intimate massagers are also meant to complement the brand’s established portfolio, including products like their Toko lube or Secret Garden gel.

“Customers can expect the same quality, attention to details, distinguished packaging for the new Intimate Massagers collection,” says Séguin, “as they’ve come to expect with all of our previous products.”

For more information, visit shunga.com.