SE Spotlight by Nathan Morimitsu

In honor of 50 years of service to the pleasure product industry, get to know some of the faces behind Eldorado Trading Company!

(Note: This story appears in the April 2024 issue of SE Magazine


his year is Eldorado Trading Company’s 50th Anniversary, so we wanted to showcase some of the faces you might work with when you place an order! 

We asked our Sales Account Managers and e-Commerce Solutions Team a few questions, and the one thing everyone mentioned was how smoke shops are embracing pleasure products and how home parties are starting to make a comeback. As for the other questions, we’ll let the team answer.

From our Sales Account Managers

James Noblitt: James started in the Eldorado warehouse 17 years ago before becoming a Sales Account Manager. He loves how genuine the people in the pleasure products industry are and how the team at Eldorado is like a family. Regarding his customers, James shares, “Most of them are not just customers, but friends!” James only suggests products he believes in so that his customers always get the best for their stores.

Fun Fact: “Before Eldorado, I lived in a state where adult films that showed penetration were illegal, so I had to watch them all day long to make sure they were legal before being distributed!”

Emily Pulaski: Emily started with Eldorado in 2021 and is not just a Sales Account Manager, but also our Staff Photographer. Whenever you see a picture of Eldorado employees in a press release, chances are Emily is the one who took it! She says, “I like the feeling of support and acceptance within the industry. We all have a common goal, and being able to work with so many great people makes my job much more enjoyable.” When asked what makes her different from other salespeople, she says, “Running a small business of my own has given me experience on the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes and how important support is.”  

Fun Fact: “I started playing piano at five years old and played the flute and piccolo in high school!”

“With the skyrocketing online sales over the last few years, many stores are looking into dropshipping. I enjoy working with our customers to find a balance that keeps their storefront running smoothly, while having a robust online presence.”


– Janet Madrid, e-Commers Solutions Supervisor at Eldorado

Jamie Newmark: Jamie started in the Marketing department nine years ago and filled many roles there before finally settling into her role as a Sales Account Manager. “I love how inclusive and accepting the industry is,” she says. “Individuals of different backgrounds – social, economic and educational – can succeed in this industry. I like working for a small family-owned company where everyone from the warehouse team to the sales and office staff works together for the same goal. Also, sometimes co-workers bring in their dogs, and I get to pet them!” Jamie also likes learning about her customers’ unique wants and needs and building close relationships with them: “Everyone has a story about how they got started in the industry, and I love hearing them!”

Fun Fact: “I like to build LEGO sets in my spare time.”

Maria Ortiz: Maria has been with Eldorado as a Sales Account Manager for over 11 fun years! “There is more professionalism in the industry than outsiders would assume,” she shares. “We all love one another and aspire to educate and promote our industry. I’m always looking out for what is best for my customers, ensuring they have the right product mix, POS materials and testers to help them succeed. I try to give them as much information on new products and best-selling products that they may be missing out on.”

Fun Fact: “I love dogs and would rescue more if I could!”

Stephanie Frey: Stephanie started with Eldorado 30 years ago, first in the front office, where she eventually supported other departments as needed, allowing her to learn the business. She eventually joined the Sales team but doesn’t see herself as a salesperson, more of a partner who supports her stores’ growth and success. She loves the passion, hard work and competitiveness she sees throughout the industry. She is grateful for relationships that allow her to have honest, and sometimes hard conversations, which can strengthen trust in one another. Her drive and commitment to support her customers are what sets her apart.

Fun Fact: “I love cooking for my family. It’s a win-win when my cooking is preferred to eating out.”

From our e-Commerce Solutions Team

Janet Madrid: Janet has been with Eldorado for 13 years and is our e-Commers Solutions Supervisor. She sees our industry partners as extended family, and when asked about her customers, she says, “From a start-up customer new to the industry to well-seasoned accounts, each company has a different take on their business model. I love to hear their ideas and help them navigate through challenging obstacles. With the skyrocketing online sales over the last few years, many stores are looking into dropshipping. I enjoy working with our customers to find a balance that keeps their storefront running smoothly, while having a robust online presence.

Fun Fact: “I have four mini and toy Australian Shepherds. Dog fluff and fur are always in my life and on all my clothes.”

Michelle Wright: Michelle has been here for 22 years and has spent many of them in the e-Commerce Customer Service Support. During her tenure here, she has seen the industry grow more inclusive and embrace body-safe, high-quality materials like never before. She also loves that Eldorado still feels like the small, family-run company she joined in 2002. Michelle shares, “I enjoy helping the new e-commerce customers get up and running. They have so many questions, mostly the same ones, and it is gratifying when they get their first orders after you help them with all the start-up questions.”

Fun Fact: “I’ve never been to the ocean, but if anyone wants to send me on a vacation, give me a call!”

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