The revolutionary new poppers inhaler cap brand, formerly known as Tush Tush, is officially relaunching this week as Yush Yush, with existing pre-orders scheduled for shipment starting June 15.

To celebrate, the Canadian brand will make its public debut at Toronto Pride the weekend of June 24-26, setting up an exhibit/vendor booth at the event’s StreetFair marketplace, where the handy accoutrement will be available for sale on-site.

Why Yush Yush? The word “yush,” which is a slang for the word “yes,” embodies the brand’s vision to embrace sex positivity, inclusivity, and prioritizing sexual wellness. Its flagship product, the reusable plastic twist cap, is the perfect party accessory for high-flying pleasure seekers eager to catch a next-level buzz from the aromatic concoction emanating from their amber bottles of liquid gold.

“While poppers have been a euphoric mainstay for thrill-seeking gay men for more than 50 years, they have been steadily gaining popularity amongst a whole new generation of club kids, partygoers and influencers,” says Yush Yush Founder/CEO Willie Tsang, citing a recent New York Times article spotlighting the intoxicating party favor.

“With the launch of our Yush Yush inhaler cap, we are so pleased and excited to introduce a quality product that enhances the user experience with alkyl nitrites by taking the heady rush to even greater heights,” Tsang continues.

The patent-pending Yush Yush poppers inhaler cap ($14.99 USD) ships with two disposable diffuser wicks (10-piece diffuser refills are sold separately), is guaranteed leak-proof and spill-proof, retrofits current poppers bottles and twists open and closed with one hand-no muss, no fuss.

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