Vibratex, the company behind the Magic Wandrange, is pleased to officially announce the brand’s expansion into Australia and New Zealand. The company anticipates its products will be available to consumers in Spring 2023.

We’re all so excited to finally bring these authentic products into Australia and New Zealand,” says Vibratex CEO Ken Herskovitz. “This has been quite the journey for all of our teams, and we can’t wait to see Magic Wands on store shelves!”

Despite earning worldwide notoriety, the authentic Magic Wand brand has only ever officially been sold in North America – but no longer! Consumers and retailers around the world have expressed desire and demand for #truemagicwand products, however Australia and New Zealand have been particularly forthright regarding their wish to resell authentic Magic Wand SKUs.

As Herskovitz alludes, there was a significant runway leading up to this regional expansion. Magic Wand trademarks were needed to be updated in Australia and New Zealand. Further, in order to manage technical constraints that previously prevented sale of genuine Magic Wand products in the region, Vibratex worked for some time to ensure products were properly developed, tested, and certified in order to import.

Three models – the Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Rechargeable, and the Magic Wand Mini – have been specifically developed and tested to meet the needs of the region’s electrical and certification requirements. This includes the development of region-specific wall plugs that do not require adaptors. The Australian and New Zealand models will come packaged with market-specific instructions and adapters in packaging marked for the region only. Further, in true Magic Wand fashion, these products will be covered by a full one year warranty.

Resellers can soon offer consumers the real thing! Look for Magic Wand products to be available in Australia and New Zealand in Spring 2023. Additional information and details are coming soon.

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