Two of the biggest names in pleasure products got together to create something even bigger – a 30-foot long Magic Wand. Proudly flying high above a major highway interchange in Toronto, this master of massage is now – arguably – the largest Magic Wand the world has ever seen!

To temper the public’s reaction to a colossal clitoral stimulator, PinkCherry offers commuters a cheeky reminder: “Relax – It’s Just a Back Massager.”

Fans of supersized sex toys (and clever advertising) will recognize this billboard as prior home to the retailer’s “Scream your own name” promotion for Womanizer, which quickly went viral.

Vibratex’s Shay Martin was excited to see her larger-than-life legend featured in such a highly-visible location.

“I saw the photo of the billboard and just said ‘Wow’,” Shay says. “I mean – what else can you say? It’s a freakin’ 30-foot Magic Wand! I’m in love!”

Highlighted on the highway sign is the Rechargeable, one of three models that make up the current Magic Wand family. Having celebrated its 50th birthday last year, the Original was joined by the latest version, the Plus earlier in 2019. Collectively, the trio of wands makes up many retailers’ top-selling products – including PinkCherry.

“The Magic Wand is like royalty here,” explains PinkCherry’s Erin Sue. “We often sell more Magic Wands in a day than some products sell in a week – it’s the thing that everyone asks for by name – and we’re thrilled to have it on our billboard!”

Still winding down from a successful ANME last month, the team behind Magic Wand is looking forward to finishing its strongest year ever. Their completely rebranded tradeshow booth became a spotlight for a new, acrylic point-of-sale display. The company expects to be fulfilling display pre-orders this month and will be releasing more information when shipping begins.

To learn more about the Magic Wand Original, Plus, or Rechargeable, call 800-222-3361 or email To reach PinkCherry Wholesale, call 888-750-PINK (7465). For media inquiries, contact