The “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign is gaining steam as big brands are choosing to ‘hit pause on hate.’ The movement began as a resistance from advertisers fighting to gain more control over where their content appeared after Facebook continued to allow content that could incite violence against protesters.

As part of the growing resistance against how Facebook handles hate speech and other harmful content, Voodoo CEO Kevin Mirarchi has given the movement his full support, choosing to pause advertising at the start of July for Voodoo across social media.

Social media is notoriously difficult for adult brands to advertise on, with Voodoo pausing it’s advertising of it’s branded podcast ‘Oral Fixation’ across Instagram and Facebook.

The team behind Voodoo support the decision to boycott, with Voodoo Brand Evangelist Danielle Seerley saying “As a Voodoo employee I applaud our company for taking a stand for solidarity in the Stop Hate For Profit anti-Facebook movement. Facebook is one of the largest grossing companies for advertising and is recognized for their massive audience. Facebook had the opportunity to be leaders in change and raise Black voices on social media. Instead they took a passive role when they were needed most. We recognize this and choose to be a part of the change in doing better.”

While Facebook continues discussions with their advertisers on how to move forward, so far the company’s promises to improve their fact-checking and change their policies to ensure they don’t allow content that contributes to racism and radicalization do not seem to adequately meet the concerns of advertisers involved in the boycott.

Sign the petition to tell Facebook to #StopHateforProfit and voice your support for businesses that are joining the campaign.