Earlier this week, Instagram shut down the popular @WeVibe handle, giving no warning, no description of the violation, or offering an opportunity to dispute the claim. The account remains disabled, and the brand is rallying support from the industry and the broader community with its #UnmutePleasure campaign.

“This is bigger than We-Vibe,” says Denny Alexander, head of communications. “Instagram’s censorship and shutting of sex-positive accounts is affecting our whole community. We started this campaign to bring attention to the issue and to act as a rallying point for the industry. We’re asking retailers, educators, bloggers, and other brands to stand with us and tell Instagram that it’s time to #UnmutePleasure.”

We-Vibe asks supporters to share the #UnmutePleasure image on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (available in variety of formats here). Tag @Instagram and tell them why it’s important to foster sex- and pleasure-positive voices, like @WeVibe, on the platform.

We-Vibe has contacted Instagram to dispute the account closure, but Instagram has yet to respond. We-Vibe has also posted an open letter to Instagram on their blog.