We-Vibe, leading innovator in the sexual wellness industry, is excited to announce the launch of its latest product: We-Vibe Sync Go. Designed with the traveler in mind, this exceptional couple’s vibrator is set to become the must-have gift for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

We-Vibe Sync Go is a great companion for couples’ adventures near and far. With its compact size and sleek design, Sync Go comes in a discreet travel case and fits easily into luggage or even a travel bag.

We-Vibe Sync Go is ideal for couples who like to travel,” explains Elisabeth Neumann, Head of User Testing and Sexologist at We-Vibe. “We understand that couples want to maintain that special connection, even when they’re away from home. With its travel-friendly features and compact design, Sync Go is the perfect gift for couples who are looking to create unforgettable memories together during the holiday season.”

In addition to its travel-friendly design, We-Vibe Sync Go offers a range of features that guarantee an extraordinarily pleasurable experience. Its ergonomic pleasure shape ensures maximum comfort during intimate moments, and stimulation for both partners at the same time. One half of the vibrator is inserted, creating vaginal stimulation while the other part provides additional clitoral stimulation. The product is so small that the vulva owners can wear it during penetrative sex with a partner, who also benefits from the vibrations.

The couples’ vibrator can be easily controlled using the free We-Vibe app, providing couples with the freedom to customize their pleasure even from a distance. Alternatively, the simple, single-button controls on the toy itself offer quick and intuitive operation for spontaneous moments of pleasure.

Sync Go is fully waterproof (IPX7) and easy to clean, making it perfect for indulging in pleasure during a relaxing bath or a steamy shower.  With the included USB charging cable, Sync Go offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for long-lasting enjoyment.

We-Vibe Sync Go Features:

  • Ergonomic Pleasure Shape – Sync Go is designed to allow couples to experience shared vibrations, hands-free, during sex. Maximum pleasure, maximum comfort
  • App & Single-button controls – Sync Go can be controlled with the free We-Vibe app, allowing you to change settings – even over long distance – by tapping your phone screen. Sync Go also has simple, single-button controls on the toy
  • Travel case – Sleek, durable, and discreet, this convenient travel case protects your toy on the go for your next spontaneous trip
  • Waterproof (IPX7) – Sync Go is fully waterproof so it can be used in the bath or shower – and is easy to clean
  • Rechargeable – eco-friendly and cost-effective, the USB charging cable ensures a generous runtime
  • $99 USD, $119 CAD