Renowned ‘sex hacker’ Kenneth Play is set to join Pamela Madsen’s popular ‘Back to The Body Sensuous Retreats for Women’ for a special weekend in New York City to celebrate ‘The Art of Receiving’, February 8-10, 2019.
“Many of you have probably heard me talk before about the Back to The Body Sensuous Retreats for Women,” said Play, adding that women from all over the world will be coming into the city eager to learn more about receiving and accepting sexual pleasure, as well as receiving personal, supportive touch.
“‘The Art of Receiving’ is a great match to the work that so many of you are doing to explore your own sexual desires. The Back to the Body team is amazing, and I’m excited to be a part of this exciting program, which will be led by Pamela Madsen, Dan Powers, and myself!”
‘The Art of Receiving’ will empower, engage and enlighten its participants with live demonstrations and speaking seminars from respected personal development and meditation coaches that offer powerful tools to master their sexuality in a safe, welcoming environment.
“In the age of #MeToo where women are taking – or taking back – control of their bodies and personal agency, many women may require special support when it comes to feeling safe and receiving  pleasure,” said Play. “We are proud to offer a nurturing, inclusive place to feel welcomed.”
Play is currently giving customers the opportunity to take advantage of a special offer “that was extended to me to give to you… $100 off of the Event. You just need to click here, check out the event, and when you go to purchase the event use coupon code: Yes4Me.
“As a thank you, Pamela Madsen is also letting me gift each of you a powerful CD set and meditation series,” said Play. “This will be just another tool in your toolbox to continue the work around your pleasure potential.”
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“The World’s Greatest Sex Hacker… he makes the world—especially the bedroom—a better place for everyone.” – GQ Magazine
“What better way to celebrate the day—and thumb our noses at an increasingly prudish and uneducated America—than with a round of advanced sex-ed? — VICE
Kenneth Play is an international sex hacking expert, sex educator/coach and former celebrity fitness trainer who introduces couples to new and inspiring ways to play together and overcome challenges in the bedroom.
Formerly a sexually insecure Asian immigrant with no sex life and no game, Play transformed himself from a chubby kid to a physically fit, emotionally secure and accomplished man through years of focused study and training in order to help others thrive and take ownership of their sexuality.
In addition to Play’s online courses and one-on-one training in the New York City area, he also co-founded the globally-recognized sex-positive intentional community Hacienda Villa; teamed up with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova to work on The Casual Sex Project; worked with Pamela Madsen at the Back to the Body Sensual Retreats for Women, and has been a featured presenter at New York University and San Jose State University.
Play’s projects have been featured in Vice, Thrillist, Elite Daily, Refinery 29, Time Out, The New York Times, Playboy and Cosmopolitan, highlighting the Hong-Kong-born instructor’s devotion to empowering people to experience incredible sex. Play says his career mission is “to make unapologetically explicit sex education mainstream.” For more information about Kenneth Play visit