We would like to say that we have enjoyed our many years in this fabulous industry with many friends and relationships we will cherish. We both have decided to retire along with Bill Pyne and pursue other interests.  This is not an easy decision for either of us.  Williams Trading has flourished during our time, and we expect it to continue into the future.

The Williams Trading family will continue to operate the day-to-day operations going forward.  Rich Pyne, who has been a key contributor to our success, will head the operations along with Tim Pyne and John Anderson.

 Our many years of experience, with our key employees will still be working here at Williams Trading.  Scott Dantis, Sales and Marketing manager; Dan Capper, controller; Ron Kohls heads the Sales team: Paul Reutershan, Paul Ruf, and Maryann Taggart; Andrew Meyer, buyer, and Bruce Zelner, warehouse manager, will still maintain the same work ethic that will keep Williams Trading successful.

Again, we want to say thanks to all vendors, customers, and associates throughout the adult industry.  We will miss you! “Says Bob Pyne Jr.