Veteran adult distributor Williams Trading Co. is pleased to announce the launch of the new Helmet Grease lube line. This product line is made in the US and created by men for men.

“We are pleased to announce this new line of Helmet Grease lubricants; this line will be available for all brick and mortar dealers and part of our data feed for drop ship ecommerce customers,” says Rich Pyne, Vice President of Sales.

Ted Ledger, co-owner of Helmet Grease, comments “We at Helmet Grease could not be more excited and prouder about launching our products with Williams Trading Company. Their long-standing reputation in the industry coupled with our commitment to provide a superior lube line is a tremendous partnership!”

About Helmet Grease – Created by men for men, we at Helmet Grease appreciate the special nuances of the lube required for specific applications. Our Helmet Grease philosophy – your arsenal deserves a great polish! Made in the U. S. A. but created for the worldly man, Helmet Grease Arsenal Polish focuses on four main uses for personal lubricants. One lube designed for maximum pleasure by both partners whilst feverishly shagging. Another lube specially formulated for those nights and mornings when you just feel like polishing your own knob – no Thank You note required. A completely natural lube that feels like liquid silk. Try to edge with this one – you’ll lose every time!

Also, a Hybrid that looks and feels just like spooge. Its uses are only limited by your own imagination. By joining the Helmet Grease brotherhood, you’re guaranteed an amazing sexual experience every time! And no more being embarrassed at the check-out line! Additionally, we have created a forum so you can share your Helmet Grease experiences with your fellow sexual warriors

To view the complete Helmet Grease Assortment visit the link here.