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Since its inception in July, the YouTube Video Series created by Williams Trading Co. has expanded to multiple content platforms. Based on the need to stay in touch during the COVID-19 shutdown, this platform was created as a way to keep our customers up-to-date on new and bestselling items – picked by Rachel and Paul, seasoned experts within the industry – in a medium that recognized customers’ busy schedules.

To date, Williams Trading has produced over 45 short videos featuring a new brand every Monday. You can view the complete play list at the following link.

“We started this concept to help our customers stay in touch with new releases; our customers like to receive content from different platforms based on their own individual schedules,” says Scott D Sales & Marketing Director. “Weekly Picks from Paul and Rachel will continue for the entire new year of 2021, with a new video release scheduled in advance for every Monday.”

The range of video offerings has expanded with content directly from the vendors themselves, including Pipedream, Evolved Novelties, Satsifyer, Wicked Sensual Care, CalExotics, System JO, and Helmet Grease – just to name a few!

“Our vendors have been super supportive with this project, and we welcome additional content for collaborations as new releases become available,” says Rachel M.

The next step was to expand to multiple content platforms including XBIZ TV, SE TV, JRL Charts and Williams Trading University, as well as on our own social media channels. Making the content available on a wider adult platform gives our customers more viewing options, and makes the content more accessible.

With the recent symptoms of ‘Zoom Fatigue’, many of our customers have reported that they do not want to tie up sales associates in multiple online meetings; having the content finished, in a short format, and available on multiple platforms allows customers to digest content according to their schedules.

View the complete playlist here for all Weekly Picks from Williams Trading Co.

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