(Note: This story appears in the December issue of Storerotica Magazine)

WOW Tech, the company behind Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology, brings its patented tech to a brand new stroker.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

The Wright Bros.

Madame Curie.

Arcwave Ion.

Being a “first” notches you a cushy spot in the annals of history.

And while the first four names in this list inspired generations with their achievements, WOW Tech Group plans to satisfy the masses with the Arcwave Ion, which they boast is the first “Pleasure Air” stroker.

WOW Tech Group is making certain its newest house of brands, Arcwave, makes a timely splash. Ion has just recently become available, with a radical new product in time for the holidays and new year.

And don’t for a second think this is a spur-of-the-moment release, meant to capitalize on WOW Tech and Pleasure Air’s reputation. In fact, Arcwave and Ion have been in the works for more than two years. Ion uses a re-imagined version of the patented technology that Womanizer first disrupted the sexual wellness market with six years ago — now designed specifically for penis pleasure, using more intense air pressure and a wider surface spread.

“We saw a gap in the market a long time ago, but we wanted to make sure that whatever we offered would be unique,” says Denny Alexander, Head of Communications – Americas for WOW Tech. “We’ve been conducting research for a number of years, including with the help of our international MasturbaTEAM tester panel, who provided feedback on over a dozen prototypes to help our engineers and designers create Ion.”

Pleasure Air — for him!
In this day and age where certain pleasure products may seem to have over-saturated the market, Ion has an unmistakable sheen of newness to it.

“There is nothing else like it on the market,” says Alexander. “When it comes to toys designed specifically for penis pleasure, cock rings and strokers have been around for some time. But when you compare that to the variety of toys that exist for people with vulvas, it’s really very limited. We wanted to create something truly innovative that would disrupt the market, and Ion has done just that.”

Unlike a stroker, Ion uses pulsating air waves — that revolutionary Arcwave Pleasure Air technology — which stimulates the frenulum (the underside of the tip of the penis that connects the glans with the foreskin) which is an area on the penis that isn’t usually sufficiently stimulated by hand or traditional strokers.

Research has shown that pleasure receptors in the clitoris play a key role in achieving intense orgasms. The concept for Ion came from the fact that the penis actually has these same receptors, Pacinian receptors, located on the frenulum. While Womanizer uses pulsating airwaves to stimulate the clitoris, Arcwave Pleasure Air is adapted specifically for penis pleasure, using more intense air pressure and wider surface spread, to stimulate the frenulum.

As Alexander points out, a departure from the norm means “introducing consumers to a new experience altogether.”

“The orgasms Ion delivers don’t necessarily feel like the same orgasms someone might experience from traditional strokers or masturbation,” he continues. “According to our MasturbaTEAM tester panel, Ion provides a slower, more dramatic build-up, with a particularly explosive climax, all of which is described as a more varied and intense sensation to an orgasm achieved by manual stimulation.”

Aside from a catchy moniker, MasturbaTEAM served as the beacon of insight for the R&D team at WOW Tech, which worked with penis owners “from a diverse array of sexualities and included both uncircumcised and circumcised penises, so our final design is built upon a product that best pleased a wide variety of people,” says Alexander.

A smart stroker Some of the common denominators MasturbaTEAM users looked for were:

• Mitigating the noise that comes with using electronic strokers

• Incorporating intuitive controls

• Easy cleaning and maintenance

Ion boasts a Smart Silence feature that keeps the device quieter during use by starting stimulation automatically only when the Pleasure Air sensor makes contact with the skin. The product’s sleeve is made with WOW Tech’s CleanTech silicone, “Which is more hygienic and easier to clean than conventional stroker materials,” says Alexander.

There’s also a three-button panel for quick on-/off controls and to change the eight intensity levels. The eight levels were part of Ion’s efforts to tailor its experience to any body.

“There are two buttons that can either increase or decrease the intensity of the pulsating air waves,” says Alexander, “so customers can experiment and find what works best for them to bring their orgasm to a new level.”

Another testament to the creative team behind Ion is its attempts to address points of inconvenience that exist in present strokers.

“Cleaning traditional strokers effectively can be a bit of a pain,” says Alexander. “So we wanted to ensure that Ion was both hygienic and easy to clean. By creating a base that both charged the toy and helped dry any remaining water from rinsing, we addressed both concerns.”

As the debut launch of a new brand, Ion will be greeting retailers with all the bells and whistles. WOW Tech has designed a full range of in-store assets to support its partners that work for both shelf displays and window displays, as well as a wide range of digital assets for online webshops, including new GIFs and video content.

There are also shelf display stands for Ion that showcase the device and storage base together to give Ion a premium space in the spotlight. Additional in-store merchandising such as floor decals, brochures and roll-up banners can be ordered to create a highlight area and allow customers to take home product information.

“Certainly something we wanted to make clear was that Ion is not meant to be a replacement for hand stroking or other types of masturbation,” says Alexander. “It is instead something new and exciting to try, a unique and novel experience that we hope consumers can use to complement their existing lifestyle.”

For more information, visit arcwave.com or email care@arcwave.us.