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Response to Zumio’s Gift with Purpose offer has exceeded the brand’s expectations. Their custom-created guide, titled Mapping your Pleasure: Zumio’s Guide to Vulva Exploration, began in November and will be kept available through the end of December.

Anyone who purchases a Zumio will be invited to download a PDF of Mapping Your Pleasure for Free. The offer is available to all retailers and websites that wish to participate.

The unique, timely guide was specifically created to show users how Zumio can be used for deeper sexual exploration and even contribute to their emotional wellbeing. The guide and overall initiative have already received positive reviews and feedback from retailers and distributors, praising both the benefits of such a viable customer add-on, as well as the overall coolness of the concept. Consumer responses on social media have been equally enthusiastic — as rendered by a flurry of fire and heart emoji!

The 23-page guide was developed by Zumio in partnership with certified sexological bodyworker and intimacy coach Céline Remy. It is beautifully designed and written in a friendly, accessible tone.

Mapping Your Pleasure begins with an introduction to vulva mapping and goes on to address everything from vulva anatomy to individual responses and partner play. Readers are guided through exploring new experiences via vulva mapping in conjunction with Zumio.

Collateral and support tools for promoting the guide, including specific copy, printable signage, and digital banners, are available to distributors and retailers. These assets, in conjunction with the document itself, aim to help boost sales through the holidays and winter months.

To order Zumio products and for inquiries regarding Mapping Your Pleasure, contact Joan Highet at joan@myzumio.com. Visit myzumio.com for more information and connect with Zumio on Instagram at @zumioinc.

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