(Note: This story appears in the December 2022 issue of STOREROTICA Magazine)

Arcwave will now have four products in its array of strokers designed to upgrade pleasure.

It was October 2020 when WOW Tech Group introduced Arcwave as the newest member of its house of brands. Originally designed to redefine modern masculinity, Arcwave’s inaugural product was the Ion, the brand’s flagship stroker.

“Womanizer’s patented Pleasure Air technology was re-engineered for the penis to allow consumers to upgrade their pleasure and enjoy a more intense, roller-coaster ride to climax,” says WOW Tech Group’s Stephanie Keating, Sales and Marketing Director, Americas.

Arcwave followed up Ion with Voy, a compact stroker with a new Tightness Adjustment System that provides a custom fit and more precise control.

“The science behind our products is sound and we strive for the utmost quality … but even with hundreds of other stroking devices on the market, Arcwave’s biggest competitor is hands,” remarks Keating.

The first two products reflected Arcwave’s devotion to enhancing the experience for penis owners and creating devices that could be a natural part of masturbation.

“While we focus on innovating pleasure technologies that spark new sensations that cannot be achieved with hands alone,” says Keating, “we also think about how our products can naturally integrate into someone’s everyday life.”

All Arcwave products feature proprietary CleanTech silicone sleeve which Keating says is
arguably the most important feature of its products. CleanTech was developed to offer a more hygienic sex toy for customers. The main benefit of CleanTech is that it’s non-porous and bacteria can’t grow inside the material. It’s also UV-resistant and stable in a wide temperature range, which means the sleeve won’t harden in the cold or soften and warp in the heat — unlike TPE.

“Ultimately, this feature is so central to the Arcwave brand because consumers can be confident in the lifespan of their CleanTech silicone sleeve and its cleanliness,” says Keating. “And it also feels great!”

Beyond the tech and benefits of CleanTech silicone, Arcwave’s portfolio is neutral in its design with sleeves that do not depict gendered anatomy, making it an inclusive option for anyone looking for a stroker.

“Our products look like a sleek piece of modern tech because the protective cases that are hyper discreet and offer ventilation for quick drying can easily be mistaken for a speaker or smart device,” adds Keating.

“Pow is a great jumping off point for users looking for a premium manual stroker in all its simplicity. The sleeve tightens naturally during use and suction intensity can be controlled with the release valve on the end.” — Keating

Arcwave doubles up offerings

Ion and Voy have established Arcwave as a legitimate player in the male stroker hierarchy. But the brand isn’t resting on its laurels and is unleashing two new products: Pow and Ghost to further bolster its stroker prowess.

Pow is a premium manual stroker made with suction control and a smart sleeve design. Pow features a Quick Clean Helix that creates a strategic texture inside the sleeve that feels pleasurable during use while also optimizing the cleaning and drying process.

Arcwave Ghost is a high-quality pocket stroker that is reversible. It has two textured surfaces for more variety in sensation and is sold with a ventilated travel case. Ghost is practical, portable, and best of all, simple.

As is the case with Ion and Voy, Pow and Ghost also feature CleanTech silicone sleeves.

“Ghost and Pow expand Arcwave’s customer base by offering premium CleanTech silicone strokers at lower price points; now, it all comes down to preference,” says Keating. “Are you looking for a completely new sensation, a tight grip, variability, or something on-the-go? No matter what you’re looking for, there is an Arcwave product that suits your needs and preferences.”

In terms of how to best merchandise these products, Keating knows that every retail store merchandises differently — either by creating brand spaces or sorting products by category — but suggests that Arcwave has all bases covered.

“Arcwave offers cohesive product displays and several point-of-sale items that can build or enhance either environment,” says Keating.

Ghost is the perfect introduction to CleanTech silicone and add-on to any purchase. From entry- level users to the most experienced user, this reusable pocket stroker can add onto and elevate any adventure. — Keating

Most recently, Arcwave launched the “Upgrade” Campaign to create an impactful connection with both customers in-store and those online.

“It challenges the status quo with bold humor and contrasts what we used to do things with innovation,” says Keating. “Here’s a visual: your Arcwave display has a wobbler of a hand that says ‘Really?’ across it. Immediately, your customer will start thinking that a dry hand may not be the best option for their stroking game. Using this campaign, retailers can encourage shoppers to upgrade their masturbation routine with an Arcwave device.”

For more information, visit arcwave.com.