Baci Lingerie is spicing things up in advance of the holiday season with a Seven Day Adventure Box, and it is now shipping through Xgen Products.

“This is the first set we’ve come out with for Baci Lingerie,” says Andy Green, president of Xgen Products. “The box is beautifully designed and sits at a great price point, making it the perfect gift this holiday season.”

The Baci Hosiery Seven Day Adventure Box is a seven-day exploration of sexy styles and gorgeous accessories. From classic to more revealing, this set includes some more risqué looks to spice things up. Top off your sexy look with the included crystal pasties that add a bit of sparkle.

“The lucky recipient can open a door each day or as often as they like to reveal one of a selection of sexy styles, accessories and other complementary pieces to complete a seductive outfit,” adds Green.

Keeping in Baci’s vision of empowering women of all sizes with a sexy confidence, the Seven Day Adventure Box is available in both one-size and queen-size.

Baci Lingerie, a female empowering line of delicate and exquisitely designed, fine lingerie, is first and foremost about encouraging every woman, every style, every shape to embrace their unique and sexy confidence. Baci, derived from the Italian word for ‘kisses’, draws inspiration from the spirit of all women and her desire to enhance her natural sex appeal. The vast selection of exquisitely crafted styles, ranging from the simple and classic to the highly provocative, are designed with the ever-changing styles and desires of today’s woman in mind.