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XR Brands is now shipping Royal Rabbits, the latest addition to the innovative and elegant Inmi collection. Designed with function, aesthetics, and quality in mind, each Royal Rabbits vibrator promises to pamper users with an elevated pleasure experience that features the latest stimulation technology available.

Each item in the Royal Rabbits series boasts three speeds of thrumming and seven patterns of throbbing, as well as a protruding “nose” that pinpoints vibration and fluttering “ears” that flutter around the clitoris. The three unique designs allow shoppers to select the sensual feature that suits them best:

The Royal Rabbits 10X Dancing Bead Rabbit Vibrator features an ample shaft that massages with undulating beads and three vibrating speeds of its own. MSRP $116.95.

The Royal Rabbits Bunny Thrust 10X Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator has a ribbed shaft that elongates smoothly to plunges deep with three speeds of vibration. MSRP $116.95.

The Royal Rabbits Bling Bunny 10X Flexing Rabbit Vibrator offers a generous shaft that flexes up and down to stroke the G-spot in a “come hither” motion at three powerful speeds. MSRP $109.95.

“Inmi products serve shoppers who are looking for toys that go beyond the basics with stylish designs and luxurious features, and Royal Rabbits more than fit the bill,” says XR Brands president Rebecca Weinberg. “Not only are they beautifully made, but these three designs let users select the model that suits their needs and sensual style, and the high-end finishes give them a genuinely high-end look and feel. Royal Rabbits are not your average rabbit vibe and stand out in a sea of competition, and we expect these to be strong sellers.”

Royal Rabbits feature a black premium silicone exterior with an elegant gem-adorned control panel. These pleasure tools are magnetically rechargeable and waterproof, and each is packaged in an elegant black and light-pink box that is suitable for both shelf and slat-wall displays.

For more information about XR Brands, please email info@xrbrands.com.

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