The summer sun brings out the desire to mingle as strongly as any other aphrodisiac. But to be sure that you’re the one that others want to mingle with, pheromones can be the ace in the hole to push you to the front of the line. Pheromone-infused perfumes, candles, and massage oils enhance feelings of attraction through scent. Like lingerie or other sexy clothing, pheromone products are valuable items to sell during the flirtatious season of festivals and vacations. Below are five examples of pheromone-infused products worth stocking for the fling-seeking crowd.

Eye of Love Matchmaker Attract Them Parfum

Eye of Love specializes in pheromone-infused body products formulated to attract intended partners. Their Matchmaker line, made in partnership with Millionaire Matchmaker host Patti Stanger, is primarily made up of “Attract Him” and “Attract Her” formulas, with floral, earthy, fruity, and sweet scents parsed out accordingly across fragrances, candles, hair oils, beard oils, and more. With their “Attract Them” fragrances, Eye of Love combines pheromones from “Attract Her” and “Attract Him” products, creating alluring scents with all gender identities targeted as potential subjects of attraction.

CG Let’s Get it On Body Mist

CG by Classic Brands features lovely scents in various lotions, roll-on perfumes, and more, but this body mist is as simple as it gets. Simply spray the pheromone-infused mist onto your body and allow it to do its thing. The spray combines with natural chemicals in your skin to produce an attractive blend of fruity and floral scents. Great for a night out to help lure a partner, or for a night in to enhance the mood.

Sensuva Me & You Massage Oils

While pheromones are often characterized as a means of enhancing attraction from new or potential partners, they also enhance intimate feelings between partners who are already familiar. The massage oils in Sensuva’s Me & You line are infused with pheromones to make the sensual touch of an intimate massage that much more desirable for both partners, reacting with both bodies to create an insatiable aroma.

Neo Sensual Desire Room Diffuser

Though Pheromones tend to be used in body products, Neo Sensual’s Desire Room Diffuser sits bedside and slowly emits a subtle fragrance of amber, bergamot, plum, lotus, and vanilla into the room. The aroma sets the mood and intensifies feelings of attraction, all while performing like an air freshener, rather than a cologne or perfume.

PRO TIP: Open a diffuser in your store and watch sales and tips from enamored customers increase!

Jelique Massage Candles

Massage Candles from Jelique by Classic Brands permeate the air or emanate from your body, acting as aromatic candle and massage oil alike. The affordable price point on a variety of scents make these pheromone candles great for shoppers looking to celebrate any occasion, especially summer vacations or anniversaries.

Customers seeking intimacy, whether with a potential partner or a current one, are always happy to explore the enhancing properties of pheromone products. During the summer season when people gather and bodies are bared, pheromone products are great items to wear and share.

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