8 Hands-Free Sex Toys 

 Hands-free usability brings a whole new dimension of play to pleasure products. When a vibrating, thrusting, or sucking sex toy is automatic and mounted or wearable, it frees up the user’s hands to better play with themselves or their partners, making solo masturbation or partnered sex extra stimulating with more freedom of movement. Additionally great for assisting users with mobility issues, for facilitating shared sensations with a partner, or for enhancing stimulation with automatic movement, hands-free sex toys are exciting products for all customers. We’ve collected a few favorite hands-free toys below, along with suggestions on how to use them. 


Dame Eva

Dame’s one-of-a-kind Eva was made to facilitate clitoral pleasure during sex. Eva’s adjustable arms nestle inside the labia to rest its vibrating silicone body comfortably against the clit. Its placement keeps it still against the body, even during penetrative sex.  


PDX Elite Ultimate Milker 2 

PDX’s Ultimate Milker 2 masturbator delivers intense stimulation with a series of gyrating, vibrating modes, all complemented by optional flashing lights and moaning audio. Coming with a detachable suction cup, the Ultimate Milker 2 mounts to any flat, nonporous surface to bring the user to orgasm all by itself. 


We-Vibe Sync Lite 

The G-spot-massaging arm on We-Vibe’s collection of wearable dual stimulators is slim enough to stay in during penetrative sex, allowing both partners to feel vibrations from the same toy in an intimate shared experience. The Sync Lite is a streamlined version of the classic Sync, delivering the app-compatible experience users want from We-Vibe in a more affordable package. 


Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo 

Hot Octopuss’s flagship penis toy wraps around the head of the penis to deliver intense vibration directly to the sensitive frenulum. Its silicone wings gently hug the penis, lightly teasing or intensely massaging with its dual low and high frequency motors without the need to stroke. 


Pipedream Fantasy For Her Ultimate G-Spot Butterfly Strap-On 

This external stimulator secures in place with a waist-strap harness and delivers 10 vibration modes with an easy remote. The comfortable harness can be worn under clothing for discreet solo or partner play, or for body-to-body partner play like grinding and tribbing. 


Evolved Too Hot to Handle  

This thrusting vibrator may be the most compact sex machine on the market. Coming with an interchangeable handle or suction cup mount, it delivers 7 thrusting modes, 7 vibration modes, and a heating function, all in a convenient, small package. 


Lovense Lush 3  

Lovense is known for their “teledildonic” toys, connecting to the Lovense app to surrender control to partners. The Lush series is their flagship product, inserting fully with a retrieval cord, delivering internal G-spot stimulation without need for manual stimulation. The app-compatible vibrator also pairs easily with camming sites and tipping functions! 


VeDO Hummer 2 

While this blowjob machine takes up more space than other automatic masturbators, the VeDO Hummer shows impressive power and lifelike suction. The squeezable stroker is also detachable to use as a manual stroker. 

 Hands-free usability is not just a function, but a facilitator of creativity in sexual play in solo, partnered, or performative sexual environments. Conveying this philosophy to customers will excite them about the potential that hands-free sex toys bring. 

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