ORION’s product managers work together with inventors when developing innovative, new sex toys. The latest result is the sensational sex toy with the registered brand name “BELOU” – a beautifully designed, remote controlled vibro-bullet with a clitoral stimulator.
The sex toy’s trademarked design is a real highlight – but it also has a lot to offer too! The extremely beautiful vibro-bullet provides double the amount of stimulation – not only can it provide vaginal stimulation, but it can also provide clitoral stimulation with its stimulation arm as well. There are 4 vibration modes in 4 speeds to choose from. The modes and speeds can be controlled separately using the buttons on the included remote control (range: up to 5 metres). The vibrations spread throughout the bullet and go right to the stimulation arm so that it can stimulate the clitoris. The included silicone pillow can be put over the stimulation arm for even more comfort and gentler stimulation. There is also another highlight: the vibro-bullet is waterproof (IPX7) and that means that it can provide pleasure in the bath or the shower.

The vibro-bullet can also be recharged via induction with the included charging station and USB cable. The charging time is approx. 180 minutes and the battery run time is approx. 45 minutes. The stand-by time is approx. 120 minutes. There is another highlight: once the toy has been placed in the charging station, it goes into “sleeping mode” and won’t react to the remote control. The “standby mode” will only be activated once it has been removed from the charging station. If the toy isn’t in the charging station and hasn’t been activated for two hours, it enters “sleeping mode” again which prevents the battery from discharging completely. The sex toy also has a travel lock which is very practical for traveling. A button cell battery for the remote control and a booklet with customer information in different languages is included in the delivery.

The BELOU sex toy is available in black (item number 594040) and rose gold (item number 594059). It comes in a beautiful, high-quality box that also has an additional sleeve around it as well.

There are matching displays for the specialist stores that perfectly present the product at the Point-of-Sale.

For orders and further information please contact:
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