Sexy Ways to Use Your Kegel Balls

Wondering how to use your Kegel balls? Check out these fun, sexy ways to get stronger vaginal muscles - and bigger, better orgasms. Source:

Quiz: What LELO Sex Toy Is Right for Your Vulva?

Trying to decide on a new sex toy? Take this quiz to see what LELO sex toy would be best for your vulva and your needs! Source:

Ruff Doggie Styles BDSM Toys: New Toy to Know

Ruff Doggie Styles BDSM Toys are a playful and fun alternative to 'serious' BDSM spanking implements...don't be fooled though, they still pack a punch! Source:

G-Spot Hunting: How to Find It … and Its Elusive Orgasm

For some vulva-owners, a G-spot orgasm can be the the most intense of their lives. Here's how to find the G-spot and its powerful orgasms! Source:

Orgasms Galore: All the Kinds of Orgasms a Vulva-Owner Can Have

If you have a vulva, you don't have to have just one type of orgasm...there are many different kinds and all kinds of ways to get there! Source:

New Toy to Know: Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount

The Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount holds your favorite sex toy in the perfect way to hit your 'Oh yeah right there!' spot. Source:

Satisfyer Multifun 3: Sex Toy Review

The Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 offers an almost endless variety of ways to play and earned high marks from our reviewer. Here's why: Source:

Femtech Focus: Amanda French of Emme

Find out how femtech founder Amanda French gave the experience of taking the birth control pill a much needed upgrade. Source:

Femtech Focus: Melanie Cristol of Lorals

This femtech founder set out to make a sexy product that addresses some of the reasons people turn down oral sex they'd rather be having. Source:
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Chíc™ Jasmine

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Aer from Dame | Nalpac Buyers Guide

Savannah from Dame met with us to talk about their new product, Aer. Aer is a clitoral suction toy that uses pressure-wave technology to...

Satisfyer and BERLINABLE launch international campaign for best erotic short stories

If you have ever read the infamous 50 Shades trilogy and thought, “I could do that?”, then look no further, as sex tech and...
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