Arcwave Ion: Sex Toy Review

Sex toys for people with penises have been pretty much the same until now. Read how the Arcwave Ion Source:

A Vulva Might Just Be the Superhero the World Needs Right Now

This fun little vulva doll aims to be a superhero of sex education. Check out our talk with Ariel White, the founder of My Little Yoni. Source:

8 Shower Sex Positions That Are Both Possible and Fantastic

Shower sex is inherently sexy, but if there's one thing that'll make it great, it's the right sex position. Source:

Cute Little Fuckers Sex Toys: Sex Toy Review

Cute Little Fuckers are adorable little vibrators designed with nothing but pleasure in mind. Our reviewer found a lot to like, how would you rate them? Source:

Quiz: What’s the G-Spot or P-Spot Toy You NEED to Have?

Looking for a sex toy to help you reach your G-Spot or P-Spot? Take this quiz to discover which sex toy is right for you! Source:

Kink My Words: Gender Neutrality in BDSM

How do words like 'Master' or 'sissy' fit with the idea of gender neutrality and inclusivity in BDSM? Should gendered language be a thing of the past? Source:

Sportsheets Nexus Dildos: New Toy to Know

Sportsheets Nexus dildos come in a variety of sizes in body-safe silicone. Let us help you decide which one is the best for your sexy time needs! Source:

Erotica: Resolutions

New Year's Eve is Ileana's favourite night of the year, especially when it involves a steamy night with Luc and his delicious cooking. Source:

OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review

OhNut Penetration Buffers are the answer to your painful penetration problems. Our reviewer can't say enough about these sexual game changers. Source:
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