Wanna Act Kinky in Public? Here’s How to Do It Incognito

Yes, you can be kinky 24/7 and in public. Here's how to do it on the down low. Source: Kinkly.com

Clandestine Devices Companion: Sex Toy Review

The Clandestine Devices Companion is a vibrator that takes the fun out of the bedroom and goes where ever you do. anywhere Source: Kinkly.com

The ABCs of CBT

Interested in CBT? Cock and ball torture isn't for everyone, but if you're craving more slap than tickle, here's what you need to know! Source: Kinkly.com

Quiz: What Sex Toy Do You Need to Try Next?

In the market for a new sex toy? Let our handy-dandy quiz guide you to the perfect purchase! Source: Kinkly.com

Excerpt: Kaleidescope by Renee Flowers

This sexy excerpt from Kaleidescope by Renee Flowers delves into how a traumatized sub gains control through BDSM. Source: Kinkly.com

MyHixel TR: Sex Toy Review

Source: Kinkly.com

8 Awesome Sex Positions That Are Waaaay Better With Bondage Tape

Bondage can amp up all kinds of sex play. And bondage tape makes it super simple, easy and safe to do. Here are 8 ways to bind a willing partner. Source: Kinkly.com

The Climax Quiz: What Do You Know About the Big O?

Most people don't know much about orgasms besides how they feel. Take our quiz to test your knowledge - and learn more. Source: Kinkly.com

Monetizing a Movement: Pride and Rainbow Capitalism

The pride movement started as a protest. As it has become more mainstream, corporations have recognized the money-making opportunities of rainbow capitalism. Source: Kinkly.com
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