David Betesh of Excitement Adult Superstores attended CHAMPS Trade Shows in Las Vegas July of 2023 and won $5,000 on the spot, $50,000 in inventory from CalExotics, Doc Johnson, Exposed & Male Power, Lustella, and Shots America, as well as up to $5,000 toward his first month’s rent in the reopening of his Camp Hill, PA location that was tragically lost to a fire December 21st, 2022. In addition to losing his store located at 3401 Hartzdale Dr #134, Camp Hill, PA 17011, an Excitement Smokin’ location caught fire the same day resulting in a total loss of inventory.

In 1989, Excitement Adult Superstore opened its first location and quickly identified a severe lack of smoke shop options available to consumers in Central Pennsylvania. Betesh led the way in counterculture crossover early by carrying smoking accessories next to pleasure products for years before deciding to open his first stand-alone Excitement Smokin’ location in 2018.

While Betesh is an established veteran in the adult novelty retail space who survived and evolved through the rise and fall of video, tragically losing two stores in the same day provides an immense amount of stress for even the most seasoned professionals. One Excitement Adult Superstores employee who spoke from a deep place in his heart and chose not to be named said: “It’s like losing a family home. It has been a whirlwind to lose something so close to you three days before Christmas.” When asked about what winning the store meant to him, he said, “This is life-changing for all of us, we’re used to having multiple stores up and running and now we’re missing two.”

Beyond losing inventory, a store fire inflicts more loss than insurance claims or winning a contest can ever hope to cover. Adult Stores, especially those who have been in business as long as Excitement Adult Superstores, have had to fight to stay open through changing zoning requirements, new laws, ordinances and anti-counterculture organizations. While the sentimental value and sweat equity are irreplaceable, Betesh describes winning the store as “a blessing from above”.

CHAMPS Trade Shows with CalExotics, Doc Johnson, Exposed & Male Power, Lustella and Shots America congratulate David Betesh on winning this new store toward his rebuild efforts. Adult Boutique Buyers are encouraged to attend the next CHAMPS Trade Shows taking place in Denver, CO September 27th & 28th where a lucky pre-registered retailer will win $5,000 cash each day. CHAMPS will also be activating at the Tampa Bay Convention Center October 25th-27th. More information and pre-registration details can be found at www.CHAMPSTradeShows.com.